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Desiccant Dryers

Quincy desiccant dryers provide air purification from -40°F PDP down to -100°F PDP. These dryers are built and designed to provide the smallest footprint possible while ensuring maximum performance. Quincy desiccant dryers have ASME and CRN designed pressure vessels standard. Also, standard with the desiccant dryers is a 2-year package warranty and a 5-year valve warranty.


QHD Heatless Desiccant Dryer

These dryers use a small portion of the dried compressed air to regenerate the off-line tower


Initial cost: Low  –  Operating cost: Moderate to High  –  Maintenance cost: Low

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QDHP Heated Purge Desiccant Dryer

These dryers use half the compressed air to regenerate the off line tower than the heatless series

Initial cost: Moderate  –  Operating cost: Moderately Low  –  Maintenance cost: Low


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  • -40° to -90°F dewpoint
  • 100 – 3,100 cfm
  • 3.5% to 7% purge
  • Low-watt density heaters
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The optional Quincy MicroBurst Regeneration (MBR) system is the only full-load energy saver available for use with heated purge desiccant air dryers. The MBR cuts purge requirements in half and greatly reduces heater “on” time. When equipped with the Quincy MBR, our Heated Purge dryers use 50% less energy. ROI can be realized within 5 months, depending on dryer size and local power costs.


QDBP Blower Purge Desiccant Dryer

These dryers combine heat with forced ambient air for regeneration

Initial cost: High  –  Operating cost: Moderately Low  –  Maintenance cost: Moderately Low

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QMOD Heatless Modular Desiccant Dryer

These compact dryers use a small portion of dried compressed air to regenerate the offline tower

Initial cost: Low  –  Operating cost: Moderate to High  –  Maintenance cost: Low

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