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Refrigerated Dryers

Quincy Refrigerated Air Dryers purify compressed air by chilling it to approximately 37°F. This causes entrained moisture to condense. Condensed moisture carries airborne dirt and oil to the separator where it is removed from the air stream by an automatic drain.


QPNC Non-Cycling Dryer

Best Suited For Smaller Systems Expecting Fairly Constant Loads

These units use a two-stage heat exchanger to maintain consistent dew points. Freeze-ups are prevented and optimum performance is maintained.

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QED and QPCD Cycling Dryer

Most Efficient Drying Technology Available

These units save energy by cycling the refrigeration on and off in response to demand. A three-stage heat exchanger system is employed to provide the cold storage necessary for the operation.


 qedecodri-controller At a glance  At A Glance




QRHT Compact High Temperature Dryer

Accepts 180°F Inlet Temperature

Designed for reciprocating compressors with high discharge temperatures, these dryers eliminate water, oil and dirt from air systems, preventing damage to pneumatic tools and cylinders. The result is fewer product defects and no “fisheye” paint splotches.

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