Introducing the Quincy Compressor Economic Stimulus Plan

Transform your business with the power of financing

We know things are tough right now in our current economic climate.

Whether incoming orders are down, production is light, or your workforce is working remote, these are unusual circumstances. We realize that as a result, budgets have been altered and cash positions have been changed. You need compressed air to operate, but the means of getting new equipment may not be the same.

Here’s how Quincy Compressor has pledged to help:

0% Financing for 24 Months

Rates lower than 2% and 3% for terms extended beyond 2 years.

No Payments for 90 Days

Place an order and don’t pay a cent until 90 days after shipping.

This program includes all associated costs.

Your financing package can include tax, shipping, installation, and service.

Times are tough, and Quincy Compressor is here to help. We are to help you get new equipment from the best financial position we can during these unprecedented times.

Please contact us today to see how Quincy Compressor can help you!

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