Electric Air Compressors
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One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when choosing an air compressor is determining the best power source for your machine. Your choice essentially boils down to two options: gas and electric. Electric-powered air compressor units are the more common of the two, as they offer a number of key advantages. Of course, you will need access to a power source in order to operate your electric air compressor. The following information can help determine whether an electric air compressor is right for your applications.

Quiet, Fume-Free Operation

Unlike gas compressors, electric air compressors do not emit fumes, which makes them suitable for indoor, as well as outdoor use. You won’t have to worry about providing additional ventilation or air circulation to an indoor environment, no matter what your electric air compressor lubricant type.

You also don’t have to be concerned with the compressor running out of fuel in the middle of a job or process. Electrical compressors tend to operate at lower decibel levels than gas compressors, making them the better choice in environments that require less noisy equipment.

Cost of Electric Air Compressors

Perhaps the most attractive feature of electric air compressors is they tend to be less expensive to purchase than their gas-powered counterparts. Because they don’t require the purchasing of fuel, they can also be less expensive to operate.

Many electric compressors are equipped with a stop-start switch that will automatically shut off the electric motor when the pressure reaches its maximum limit or when no tools are being used, then turn it back on when the pressure drops below a specified level. This feature can help to conserve energy and the associated power costs.

Electric Compressor Portability and Ease of Use

An electric-powered air compressor is usually lighter in weight, which makes it easier to transport around a facility or jobsite. It comes in a wide range of portable styles or can be permanently mounted if desired. It also tends to be easier to operate and maintain than a gas compressor.

Air Compressor Electric Motor Horsepower Considerations

One way in which electric compressors are rated is the amounted of horsepower generated by the electric motor. Some manufacturers provide a peak, also known as brake, horsepower rating. A peak rating measures horsepower while the motor’s start windings are engaged — in other words, while the motor is just starting up, not while the compressor is in full operating mode.

For most air compressor operators, a more useful means of evaluating air compressor electric motors is to determine their running horsepower rating. Running horsepower indicates the horsepower output after the motor has reaches the desired RPM and the start windings have been disengaged. This provides a more accurate reading of how much horsepower the motor is capable of sustaining during periods of extended operation.

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