Recipes Using Wine

Posted on: April 7, 2020

Recipes Using Wine

Many of us would agree that there’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine with a meal after a long day. What we tend to forget is that wine can also be a secret ingredient to bring your favorite dish up a notch while cooking. Red and white wine can bring out the flavors of other ingredients while adding a hint of acidity.

Whether you prefer a rich merlot or a crisp Riesling, here are a few ways to cook delicious dishes with wine.

Cooking With Wine

There are countless recipes for cooking with wine, from pasta sauces and marinades to rich desserts. Whichever recipe you want to try, keep these tips in mind:

  • Add wine at the start of cooking: This allows the majority of the alcohol to burn off, leaving only a subtle hint of flavor. There are exceptions to this rule, so you should double-check and follow the recipe you’re using.
  • Avoid “cooking wine” for the best results: Sometimes cooking with wine is a great way to get rid of a bottle that you’d rather not drink. But when you can, it’s better to use wine that you actually enjoy. Wine that is designated for cooking typically contains salt and only costs slightly less than a more drinkable bottle — which you’ll appreciate when you have leftover wine after finishing your recipe.


Red Wine Recipes

Dry red wines can add a punch of acidity and a subtle flavor. We recommend staying away from full-bodied wines with heavy tannins, as these can overshadow the other flavors in your dish. Most recipes will specify the best wine to use, but you can feel free to change it up and make the dish your own. Here are a few of our favorite recipes for main courses using red wine:


White Wine Recipes

White wine is a staple for cooks of all skill levels. It pairs especially well with chicken, pork and seafood. Recipes usually call for dry white wines with high acidity, but you can experiment with some of your favorite crisp blends if you want to get creative. Try your hand at recreating these entrées:


Making Appetizers With Wine

A carefully crafted appetizer is an excellent way to kick off a dinner party — whether you’re entertaining guests or treating yourself to a fancy night in. Awaken your palate with these starters:


Dessert Recipes Using Wine

If you have a sweet tooth, you know that wine can be a stellar addition to any dessert recipe. End your meal on a high note with one of these sweet treats:


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