1930's Always built units, but basic was primary
QR-25 known as Quincy Line
The QR was introduced
1940's WWII Quincy supplied compressors for the Miliary
325 and 390 1940's introduced

1949 Net price for 340 was $291.45
1950's Portables introduced
QR-25 used to provide heated air to keep lens clear for DEW line equipment (Miliary)

1953 Models expanded, 350 introduced

1959 600,000th compressor
1960's NASA crawler with Rube Dobey in it
4 cyl model introduced
Soild basics to Gilbarco and Binks
Sold basics for Lincoln lubricators
QR-25 used as control air on Marioin Power shovel
1970's QR-25 portable early 1970's discontinued
Building 80 compressors per dayUS Navy used QR-25 for Fly-a-way diving
QR-25 used for Coast Guard/Navy tug boat engine starting
1980's 5 Year warranty changed from 1 year
Dedicated CC Compressor
Introduction of geroter oil pump replaced vane pump
QR used as temp control compressors (especially in NY)

1985 First CAD system implemented (ComputerVision)
1990's Natural gas compressor
Solid state control panel
370 used for NYTA to supply air for brakes

1995 Engineering went to Pro E design
2000's Online configurator implemented

2009 Seventy Year Anniversary