Legendary heritage of the QR-25

Legendary heritage of the QR-25


Reciprocating: QR-25 QR-25 1-25 hp Heavy Duty Compressors Do you need a heavy-duty compressor that can handle your high-demand compressed air applications? The Quincy QR-25™ is recognized throughout the industry as the leader, unmatched by any reciprocating compressor in the field and backed by one of the most comprehensive five-year warranties in the business. This... Read More

The Story Behind my Quincy 325 Compressor

I was originally looking at purchasing a Quincy QT-5 5HP 80 gallon vertical compressor, but came across this QR-25 Series 325 compressor by accident. I was inquiring about some woodworking equipment and a compressor that was coming up on a local cabinet shop auction. I was informed that the compressor in the shop was not… Read More


Natural Gas: QRNG Series QRNG Single & Two Stage Natural Gas Compressors Based on the proven performance of the QR-25, an air compressor with over 80 years of reliable service, but engineered exclusively for natural gas applications, the Quincy QRNG™ is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron for strength and durability. The cylinders are cast with... Read More

Inside the BluePrint

Compressed air and gas create an amazing world. That’s why we’re visiting Quincy Compressor, a company transforming crucial technologies ultimately responsible for the rapid expansion of industrialization. In 1920, Quincy established its reputation for engineered solutions, providing uncompromising reliability for demanding applications. Its flagship products, QR-25 and QSI, have proven to be reliable choices for… Read More

What You Need to Know About Air Compressor Duty Cycles

June 11, 2019

What You Need to Know About Air Compressor Duty Cycles Air compressors are purchased for different reasons by a wide range of companies and independent craftspeople. In some cases, a customer might expect to get a continuous duty cycle air compressor when making that initial investment, only to find that the machine in question merely… Read More

How Fire Stations Use and Benefit from Air Compressors

May 1, 2019

How Fire Stations Use and Benefit from Air Compressors As growing numbers of public- and private-sector entities seek to trim their expenses, organizations are embracing ways to perform secondary functions with reduced reliance on third parties. For example, many organizations now handle maintenance tasks in-house where previously they would have lacked the necessary capabilities. Today,… Read More


The QR-25’s cast iron construction gives dependable service and has been designed to last a lifetime. Heartland Dairy, the largest cow milking herd in Missouri, uses the QR-25 for the rotary system that hosts the cows while they’re being milked. Everything in the dairy runs on vacuum and air power to optimize production. Heartland Dairy has… Read More

Quincy Air Compressors

Air Compressors Quincy Compressor is a longstanding global leader in air compressor technology, with a history dating back to 1920. Over nearly a century in business, we’ve established a reputation for continued innovation, as well as providing highly reliable products. Industrial and commercial users can count on Quincy air compressors for years — if not... Read More

Compressed Air Use in Standard Oil and Gas Industries

Compressed Air Use in Standard Oil and Gas Industries For centuries, the only way to harness the mineral and fuel-rich materials of the planet was to use an old-fashioned shovel. Today, technology has improved exponentially, allowing not only for easier access, but larger yields of the Earth’s great natural resources. One of the most precious… Read More