Only the World’s Finest Compressors come with the Industry’s Strongest Extended Warranty!

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Everyone says they have the best machine, but how do they support it? At Quincy, we back our most reliable air compressors and dryers with the industry’s best extended warranties…

Royal Blue Warranty

Other air compressor manufacturers try to match the Royal Blue Warranty by charging extra for a similar plan. Quincy’s Royal Blue Warranty is available on our popular QSI and QGV®️ models. There are no extra fees. Simply follow the Royal Blue Policy, as described in the Royal Blue Warranty policy.

  • 10-Year Airend Warranty
  • 5-Year Variable Speed Drive Warranty
  • 5-Year Drive Motor Warranty
  •  5-Year Air/Fluid Receiver Warranty
  • 5-Year Drive Coupling Warranty
  • 5-Year Cooler Warranty

Download the Royal Blue Warranty policy

True Blue Warranty

Quincy’s True Blue Warranty is available on our QGS, QGSV, QGD and QGDV models.

  • 5-Year Airend Warranty
  • 5-Year Air/Fluid Receiver Warranty
  • 5-Year Air and Fluid Heat Exchanger Warranty
  • 5-Year Drive Motor Warranty
  • 5-Year Variable Speed Drive Warranty (QGDV only)

Download the True Blue Warranty policy for QGS

Download the True Blue Warranty policy for QGD and QGDV

Sterling Blue Warranty

Quincy’s Sterling Blue Warranty is available on our QOF models.

  • 5-Year Airend Warranty

Sterling Blue PG (Preventative Guardian)

  • 3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • 2-Year Airend Parts Only Warranty

Sterling Blue EG (Extended Guardian)

  • 5-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Download the Sterling Blue Warranty policy for QOF

NO BULL Extended Warranty Option

Buy the compressor, buy the associated extended warranty kit and double the package warranty to two years and the pump warranty to three years. The extended warranty kit includes all that you’ll need for your compressor’s regular maintenance during the next three years. Save 10-15% more than buying items individually AND triple your warranty when you purchase, register and use this kit! Quincy’s extended warranty offers this industry-leading program on all three of its single stage models and its QT PRO/MAX units.

Download the NO BULL Extended Warranty Policy

Blue Shield Extended

Quincy Compressor’s Blue Shield Extended Warranty allows you to extend your current factory warranty an additional 3 or 5 years by using Genuine Quincy parts and fluids specially formulated for use in all compressor applications. The FREE Blue Shield Extended Warranty is available for Quincy rotary screw compressors at least five (5) years old with operating pressures at 150 PSIG and lower.

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10-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty

The name speaks for itself! Quincy Compressor’s 10-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty is FREE and covers the heat exchanger for 10 years on all Quincy cycling, non-cycling and high temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers.