QGDV 15-30 hp Gear Drive Compressors

A variable speed air compressor is equipped with a specially designed drive that controls and adjusts the operating speed. This offers a number of benefits, including delivering more constant pressure, protecting against power surges and lowering energy consumption. Many variable speed air compressor owners experience a significant reduction in their energy costs over time.

With a premium airend design, industrial-grade enclosure and simple, intuitive controls, the Quincy QGDV is designed to provide reliable compressed air under the most demanding conditions. Backed by Quincy Compressor’s 5-Year True Blue Warranty, the Quincy QGDV carries the same rugged construction that has inspired customer loyalty for generations.

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Quincy QGDV Key Features

Quincy Compressor has been a compressed air industry pioneer for more than a century. The advanced QGDV Series seamlessly combines proven performance, unmatched efficiency and low ownership costs, delivering reliable results in a wide range of operating environments.

This next-generation gear-drive air compressor line comes with numerous standard and advanced features:

  • State-of-the-art Airlogic2 controller that delivers timely, accurate information for intelligent machine control and maximum efficiency
  • TEFC Class 1 motor meeting the NEMA Premium Efficiency standard
  • Power output rating ranging from 15-30 hp and 100-150 psig capacity
  • Delivers 70-141 acfm @ 125 psig
  • Sound level in the 66-69 dBA range ensures quiet operation

This variable-speed rotary screw compressor is ideally suited for light-duty manufacturing and industrial environments with fluctuating compressed air requirements. The smaller footprint enables the machine to fit in confined areas with limited floor space availability. It’s also up to 50% more energy-efficient than fixed-speed drive models, which can help any business looking to reduce its utility and operating costs.

Do More for Less With the QGDV Rotary Screw Compressor

The Quincy QGDV Series also delivers impressive performance. The extensive flow range of 24%-100% offers maximum user flexibility and reduces life cycle costs by an average of 37%. The compressor’s ability to remove peak current penalty during the startup process minimizes leakage and prevents wasted idling time, increasing productivity and reducing energy consumption.

As a business owner, you’ll get better air compressor performance, enabling you to optimize manufacturing output. You’ll also experience lower operating costs, contributing to a healthier bottom line.

QGDV Variable Speed Technical Specs

Model No. HP KW PSI ACFM Length Width Height Weight lbs. DBA
QGDV-15 15 11 100 79.9 56.3 33.1 50.3 1052 66
QGDV-15 15 11 125 72.3 56.3 33.1 50.3 1052 66
QGDV-15 15 11 150 63.6 56.3 33.1 50.3 1052 66
QGDV-20 20 15 100 102.6 56.3 33.1 50.3 1069 67
QGDV-20 20 15 125 96.2 56.3 33.1 50.3 1069 67
QGDV-20 20 15 150 87.1 56.3 33.1 50.3 1069 67
QGDV-25 25 18 100 127.1 56.3 33.1 50.3 1135 68
QGDV-25 25 18 125 117.6 56.3 33.1 50.3 1135 68
QGDV-25 25 18 150 106.8 56.3 33.1 50.3 1135 68
QGDV-30 30 22 100 154.5 56.3 33.1 50.3 1171 69
QGDV-30 30 22 125 141.3 56.3 33.1 50.3 1171 69
QGDV-30 30 22 150 124.8 56.3 33.1 50.3 1171 69

Maintain the QGDV With Quincy’s Genuine Parts and Lubricants

Like all Quincy Compressor products, the QGDV is easy to service and maintain, saving time, hassles and money. The filters are easy to access and you won’t need any tools when replacing them. The hinged, quick-release panels enable you to reach the internal components quickly and easily. The spin-on air filters facilitate the oil change process and require no disassembly.

When it’s time to replace worn parts or change fluids, we have everything you need to do the job yourself. You can also count on the Quincy Compressor distributor near you to provide timely repair and maintenance service whenever you need it.

Industry-Best Warranty Coverage for Your Protection

Even an expertly manufactured, well-maintained Quincy rotary screw air compressor could experience a significant parts or components failure within the first few years of ownership. Our True Blue Warranty gives you extra peace of mind at no additional cost.

This expansive warranty covers the airend, drive coupler, cooler/heat exchanger and separator tank for the first five years. We don’t charge a fee or require a service contract to get this coverage. You’ll only need to register the product online, sample the fluids at regular intervals and use genuine Quincy replacement parts when servicing the machine.

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