Quincy offers predictive maintenance 24/7 via cellular connectivity. ICONS helps you plan downtime, improve equipment lifetime, optimize employee productivity, forecast expenses and increases revenue. ICONS enable Quincy Compressor to identify and respond to numerous issues before it impacts your operations. When you couple ICONS insights with on time service your equipment on average is available an extra 16 more days.

Would you benefit from intelligent business insights?

Developing a stable, profitable business starts with insights.

Compressed air is the resource—ICONS enables you to plan maintenance interventions proactively and at just the right time. Looking for opportunities to reduce your production costs? The analysis of compressor data over time gives you the information you need to optimize the efficiency of your air system—All this intelligence is available through ICONS.


Would you like to see things coming before a disaster strikes?
How do you know when your compressor is in need of maintenance? Is it when the unit breaksdown causing production to stop and more money is coming out of your pocket? ICONS is there to help you prevent breakdowns before your production line suffers with downtime.

With ICONS, there is no need for service logbooks or regular visits to the compressor room. A mouse click is all it takes to consult the service status of your compressor online. ICONS offers you an easy way to reduce administrative costs; in just one click, generate a service quote request. It’s fast and easy, and it’s always there when you need it.

What can a data monitoring program do for you?
Imagine what it would mean to your business to always be one step ahead; to do away with all of your production uncertainties. Not only would you save precious time in being proactive, you would impact your bottom line by not having to concern yourself with, continuously checking on your compressor’s productivity.

That’s exactly what Quincy Compressor’s ICONS is all about: an efficient solution, fully customizable to your production, compliance and monitoring needs. It offers your company complete insight of your compressed air production. It helps to predict potential problems—and thus anticipate them; it shows how and where the production can be optimized and energy can be saved.

What would you gain from becoming more proactive?
Compressor service is historically a reactive activity. An unforeseen event requires immediate intervention from a technician, leading to downtime, production loss and high costs. You continually take risks.

When compressors are not properly maintained, their energy consumption increases beyond where it should be. A common scenario: When compressors are not well serviced, the breakdown risk is, on average, 18% higher, resulting in 16 days of downtime and 8% higher energy consumption. With ICONS, this is no longer the case- from now on, you can monitor your productivity 24/7, guaranteeing the right service is done on time, every time.

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Rule out all uncertainties, by knowing the right time for service. With ICONS RightTime you can plan your resources and costs in an optimum way, keeping your production running efficiently. Scheduling, requesting quotes and keeping track of your maintenance is as easy as the click of a button.


Increase your production uptime and reduce downtime costs. ICONS Uptime enables you to take preventive action even before a problem begins to arise, preventing costly breakdowns and downtime.


Safeguard the performance of your equipment using insights from ICONS OpTime. Compressors are a large contributor to energy consumption and with the right monitoring you are able to identify opportunities for significant savings.

Cellular Connectivity: License Options and Benefits

Low Data Mode
(1 data sync/per week)
High Data Mode
(1 data sync/per 10 minutes)
Free of charge
Uptime License
Optime License
Customer Distributor Customer Distributor Customer Distributor
Machine Overview
Service Status
Events (basic warnings & shutdowns)
Customer Report (Event history, service status)
Basic Health Score
Events (all events)
Notifications (text & email)
Uptime KPI
Recommendations (Uptime)
Export measurement data
Recommendations (Energy)
Energy KPI
Energy overview
Trend graphs
Energy Report (KPIs, trends etc…)

Utilizing Cellular Connectivity Insights to Reduce Unplanned Downtime and Maintenance Expenses

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