QR-25 1-25 hp Heavy Duty Compressors

Do you need a heavy-duty compressor that can handle your high-demand compressed air applications? The Quincy QR-25™ is recognized throughout the industry as the leader, unmatched by any reciprocating compressor in the field and backed by one of the most comprehensive five-year warranties in the business. This highly advanced 1-25 hp air compressor series provides reliable, time-tested performance, a low cost of ownership and a maximum efficiency that will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line for years to come.

The QR-25 is pressure lubricated in all critical areas, runs at slower speeds and features durable cast iron construction for longer life and less downtime. View the legendary heritage of the QR-25 below. See also: QR-25 Climate Control.

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Quincy QR-25 Key Features

Our reciprocating piston QR-25 air compressors provide stable air pressure, prolonged equipment life and easy maintenance, making them a trusted choice for industrial organizations worldwide. These two-stage compressors can operate at 1-25 horsepower (hp) and are 100% duty cycle-rated for maximum operational safety.

The Quincy QR-25 has many key features, including:

  • Intake unloaders for loadless starting, increased energy savings and reduced motor wear.
  • Easy-access valve pockets.
  • High-pressure cast-iron pistons for maximum durability.
  • Lapped cast-iron valve seats for complete sealing.
  • High-efficiency cast-iron cylinders.
  • Steel valve discs with cast-iron bumpers and a low-lift design.
  • Aluminum connecting rods with a full-flow lubrication oil passage.
  • A positive displacement oil pump for continuous lubrication.
  • Built-in Safe-Q-Lube and hydraulic unloader for extra protection during oil drops.
  • Spin-on oil filters for easy maintenance.
  • Oversized tapered roller bearings for simple operation.
  • An intercooler with large circular fins for extended equipment life.

Applications of Quincy Reciprocating Air Compressors

Quincy air compressors like the QR-25 are suitable for a wide array of professional and personal applications in industries like these:

  • Military
  • Plastics
  • Food and beverage
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical plants
  • Automotive
  • Dry cleaning
  • Dental
  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Home use

Quincy QR-25 Performance

The QR-25 features pressure-lubricated cast-iron construction that promotes maximum strength and minimal downtime. Quincy reciprocating air compressors operate at reduced speeds, enabling them to produce more air per horsepower than standard compressors — resulting in higher energy and cost savings. Our solutions also deliver an output of up to 500 pound-force per square inch (psi), enabling them to achieve time-tested performance in high-demand compressed air applications.

QR-25 Single-Stage Basic Compressor Specs

Model No. HP Range @100 PSI ACFM @100 PSIG Max RPM Max. Cont. PSIG Max. Intermit. PSIG LxWxH (in)
210 1 – 2 2.82 1000 100 150 13x7x15
216 1.5 – 3 4.74 900 100 100 17x13x21
240 3 – 7.5 10.47 900 100w 100 23x16x25
270 5 – 10 15.61 900 100 100 25x20x30
4125 10 – 20 31.81 940 100 100 36x38x28


QR-25 Two-Stage Basic Compressor

Model No. HP Range Min/Max RPM ACFM @175 Max. Cont. PSIG Max. Intermit PSIG LxWxH
310 2 – 3 400/920 3.9/9.63 200 500 21x10x21
325 3 – 5 400/900 8.3/18.64 200 500 22x17x25
340 5 – 10 400/900 13.2/29.64 200 500 27x16x30
350 5 – 1.5 400/940 15.6/36.60 200 350 28x16x31
370 7.5 – 15 400/1070 18.5/49.72 200 250 28x16x31
390 7.5 – 20 400/940 29.5/69.21 200 250 33x16x34
5120 10 – 25 400/1040 36.5/94.97 200 250 32x41x31

Reciprocating Piston QR-25 Maintenance

With the right preventive maintenance routine, you can ensure that your Quincy compressor operates as efficiently as possible with minimal downtime and maximum service life. Be sure to service the following components regularly:

  • Belts
  • Air filter
  • Air dryer
  • Lubricant
  • Oil filter
  • Motor bearings
  • Amps
  • Intake vents

At Quincy Compressor, we offer genuine air compressor parts and components to serve all your maintenance needs. With our top-notch parts, you can minimize service frequency and cost of ownership while increasing uptime. Our reciprocating lubricants and fluids protect machines against heat and deliver high demulsibility in high-humidity environments.

Our Air Compressor Warranty

The reciprocating piston QR-25 is insured with Quincy Compressor’s comprehensive True Blue Warranty. This industry-leading five-year warranty covers all the following components:

  • Airend
  • Drive motor
  • Air/fluid receiver
  • Air and fluid heat exchanger

You can also invest in our Blue Shield Extended Warranty, which increases your warranty by an additional three to five years when you use genuine Quincy parts and fluids.

Make sure your QR-25 runs well for a lifetime with proper reciprocating air compressor oil and maintenance.

The Legend Continues