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About Quincy Air Compressor Parts and Fluids

We offer various parts and services to help keep your equipment running. Whether you need fluids, genuine parts, service plans or overhauls, our professionals have what it takes. We help you receive the right services and components to enhance your air compressors’ life and operations.

At Quincy Compressor, we have numerous parts and fluids for our machines. Our parts are made in the USA, meaning it’s quick and easy to get them precisely when you need them. We provide several air compressor fluids, including:

  • Rotary screw compressor fluids: These fluids help extend the air compressor’s bearing and rotor life while also protecting against friction. The viscosity of these fluids remains present at higher temperatures. We offer rotary screw compressor fluids for heavy industrial, light-duty and other applications.
  • Reciprocating compressor fluids: Our reciprocating fluids and lubricants can help lengthen compressor life because they protect against heat. These fluids also offer high demulsibility for high-humidity applications.
  • Aftermarket fluids: The aftermarket fluids we sell can provide reductions in maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) and waste disposal costs. They can also lower energy consumption. These fluids help your compressor work better, improving productivity.

We also offer numerous genuine Quincy parts that provide many benefits, such as:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • Lower cost of ownership.
  • More uptime.
  • Fewer service intervals.

Our air compressor pump rebuild kit has all the parts you need for your machine. Whether your air compressor has experienced damage or started to fail, this kit will get you what you need to rebuild your equipment.

Available only from an authorized Genuine Quincy Parts distributor.

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About Our Air Compressor Services

We offer numerous service plans that help you increase your air compressors’ reliability. Our Guardian Plans are the right maintenance solution for your compressors. These services will help keep your equipment running effectively for its entire life. Our Guardian Plans are:

  • PreventativeGuardian: This plan will allow you to schedule routine maintenance when it’s best for you at a price suitable for the next several years. The plan lets you maximize equipment run time with all the right parts and services from our professional air experts.
  • PartsGuardian: The Parts Guardian plan focuses on getting you the right parts and lubricants at the lowest cost. Today’s prices for these parts become your permanent prices for the length of the agreement. This service’s planned maintenance schedule helps reduce the risk of breakdowns.
  • CompleteGuardian: The Complete Guardian plan is a commitment from us to take care of your equipment throughout its life. It is an all-inclusive plan, helping us manage and maintain your air compressors with timely maintenance, genuine Quincy Compressor parts and proactive service. The Complete Guardian plan also comes with risks coverage, meaning repairs do not cost extra.

We also offer Fixed Price Services. We tailor this plan to your needs, ranging from installation to site conditions and production plans. This service is flexible to meet your needs adn budget. Parts and labor are arranged at a fixed price to ensure you get the services you need to operate your equipment.

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Other Parts and Services

Quincy Compressor also offers other products and services for our clients, including:

  • Airend remanufacturing: Purchase airend overhauls from Quincy Compressor, knowing our experts follow strict quality control guidelines. We can replace your airend when it is most convenient for you. We deliver high-quality service quickly to help you improve your equipment’s operation.
  • Piping solutions: We offer rust-resistant piping solutions that keep compressed air clean by preventing condensation from entering the drop legs. Our AIRnet solution can help you reduce leaks, lower energy consumption and minimize friction.
  • Connectivity: Our connectivity solutions help you monitor your equipment remotely using ICONS. You can use this service to plan maintenance, see your air compressor’s service status and request quotes.
  • Machine As a Service: We offer Quincy on the Air (QOTA), meaning you don’t have to purchase an air compressor at all. Our experts will supply you with the compressed air you need at a monthly fee matching your production requirements.


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