Rotary: QGD Series

Quincy QGD-40 rotary air compressor

QGD 15-60 hp Gear Drive Compressors

true blue warranty Are you in need of an air compressor that is tough, easy to use and efficient? The QGD Series appears in our world-class rotary screw compressor lineup, and can meet all of these requirements and much more. These 40-60 hp air compressors provide plenty of power — they have industry leading flow and specific energy available at 100-125-150 psig. You have the ability to network up to six machines, making the QGD ideally suited for your large compressed air tasks.

With a premium airend design, industrial-grade enclosure and simple, intuitive controls, the Quincy QGD is designed to provide reliable compressed air under the most demanding conditions. Backed by Quincy Compressor’s 5-Year True Blue Warranty, the Quincy QGD carries the same rugged construction that has inspired customer loyalty for generations.

eye-iconAt a Glance

  • Airlogic 2 Advanced control
  • NEMA Premium TEFC Motor is standard
  • Ease of serviceability
  • Sound level as low as 66 dBA
  • 5-Year True Blue Warranty

eye-iconUp Close

  • 70-281 acfm @ 125 psig
  • 100-150 psig
  • No belts
  • Network up to 6 machines
  • Premium Efficiency Airend

Key QGD Features

The Quincy QGD line includes:

  • Standard NEMA Premium TEFC Motor
  • Wye-Delta Starter
  • Microprocessor Controls featuring networking up to 6 units and remote monitoring
  • Cellular connectivity
  • NEMA 4 electrical enclosure
  • Long life consumables intervals
  • Quite Enclosure to 66 dBA
  • True Blue 5 year warranty

Airlogic2 Control Options

Quincy’s Airlogic2 controller delivers key information for easy monitoring and intuitive control with an intelligent unload cycle to optimize energy use for maximum efficiency.
• Automatic restart after power failure
• Dual pressure set point
• Program up to four different week-schedules for 10-week period
• Graphic service plan indication
• Remote control and connectivity functions
• Software available to control up to six compatible compressors

The QGD Is Designed for Easy Serviceability

As with every Quincy Compressor model, the QGD is engineered and built with the user in mind. In addition to the microprocessor control capabilities, you’ll find that our rotary screw compressors provide hassle-free maintenance and serviceability. Filters are easily accessible and can be replaced without the use of tools. The oil fill and site glass are at the same level, which eliminates the risk of overfilling. The 15-30hp range feature a spin-on separator filter is designed to make changing a fast and easy process.

5-Year True Blue Warranty Is the Best in the Industry

The QGD is backed by the comprehensive True Blue Warranty, which is a leader in the air compressor industry. For no additional cost, you get 5 years of coverage for the airend, drive motor, drive coupler, receiver and other vital parts and components. Our True Blue Warranty gives you total peace of mind. Owners simply register the unit upon startup, sample fluids accordingly, and use only Genuine Quincy parts for maintenance.

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