QP 5-15 hp Industrial Duty Compressors

The Quincy QP series is designed for tougher 175 PSI applications where traditional splash lubrication just won’t measure up. The QP is a heavy-duty, cast-iron compressor that features an oil pump for pressure lubrication to the crankshaft, bearings and connecting rod up to the wrist pins. This advanced pressure lubricated system allows for a smoother, more continuous operation. Coupled with an attractive price, the QP balances cost-effectiveness with longer life to maximize your investment.

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Quincy QP Key Features

A piston-driven reciprocating air compressor operates via positive displacement. The piston forces air into a cylinder and compresses it into a storage tank.

The Quincy QP Series consists of reciprocating compressors that can handle your most challenging compressed air applications. Choose from three versions – the standard configuration Pro Unit, the professional level Pro+ Unit, and the “fully-loaded” Max Unit.

Examples of the numerous Quincy QP features include:

  • Lubricated two-stage compressor.
  • High-performance positive displacement oil pump.
  • Two-piece aluminum connecting rods.
  • Inter-cooler unit featuring fin and tube construction.
  • Automotive-style filter.
  • Electric models include a pressure switch.
  • Single-source duplex control panels (duplex units only).
  • Manual ball valve tank drain.
  • Enclosed belt guard complies with OSHA standards.
  • CSA and UL compliant electrical components.

Reciprocating air compressors can add value for applications in many industries, including automotive, manufacturing, mining, energy exploration and food and beverage. They perform well in situations requiring an intermittent source of compressed air.

Rugged Industrial Air Compressors Delivering Reliable Performance

Like all Quincy Compressor products, the QP reciprocating compressors feature durable construction to ensure dependable service in any operating environment. They’re built in the USA to the highest standards for quality and performance. You’ll experience maximum uptime that contributes to increased productivity in your manufacturing or industrial facility.

The advanced valve design provides the highest volumetric efficiency in the industry. A highly effective cooling system delivers a powerful airflow across the cylinder, ensuring smooth operation. Industrial-class-bearings give the compressor a longer operating life and reduce the likelihood of mechanical failures.

Quincy QP Model Technical Specs

HP Phase Available Voltage Configuration Tank size (Gal) ACFM @175 PSIG RPM Pressure Lubricated Model Aprox Ship Wt. (lbs) LxWxH (in)
Unit Tank
5 1, 3 200, 230, 460, 575 Simplex Vertical 80 17.2 658 QP-5 680 35x28x77
Horizontal 67x30x49
Duplex Horizontal 120 17.2 (x2) 658 QP-5 994 79x30x54
7.5 1, 3 200, 230, 460, 575 Simplex Vertical 80 23.6 1060 QP-7.5 720 35x28x77
Horizontal 67x30x49
Duplex Horizontal 120 23.6 (x2) 1060 QP-7.5 1058 79x34x54
10S 1 230 Simplex Vertical 120 27@ 165PSI 1007 QP-10S 792 37x34x78
Horizontal 71x30x55
Duplex Horizontal 200 27@165PSI (x2) 1007 QP-10S 1401 76x44x63
10S 3 200, 230, 460, 575 Simplex Vertical 120 29.8@165PSI 1192 QP-10S 792 37x34x78
Horizontal 71x30x55
Duplex Horizontal 200 29.8@165PSI (x2) 1192 QP-10S 1401 76x44x63
10 3 200 Simplex Vertical 120 36 682 QP-10 900 49x34x78
Horizontal 71x30x55
Duplex Horizontal 200 36 (x2) 682 QP-10 (x2) 1693 76x56x64
15 3 200 Simplex Horizontal 120 51 932 QP-15 995 71x30x55
Duplex Horizontal 200 51 (x2) 932 QP-15 (x2) 1915 76x56x64

Maintain Your Reciprocating Air Compressor With Quincy Compressor’s Genuine Parts and Lubricants

Reciprocating compressors work hard in demanding operating conditions. Regular maintenance is crucial to keep them running at full strength and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Important maintenance steps you should implement to protect your compressor and prevent damage include keeping the unit clean and minimizing vibrations that can cause components to loosen. Avoid running the air compressor at high temperatures for extended periods.

When it’s time to replace worn or damaged parts and change the oil and other vital fluids, use only genuine Quincy Compressor products to ensure the best long-term performance.

Warranty Coverage to Protect Your Reciprocating Air Compressor Investment

Do you want extra peace of mind knowing you have protection if something happens to your air compressor? At Quincy Compressor, we take pride in offering the best product warranties in our industry.

The Pro and Max reciprocating piston models come with our “No Bull” extended warranty option. By purchasing this coverage, you will double the package protection to two years and the pump to three years. It also covers all your maintenance needs for three years. You’ll save up to 15% on the cost of buying the individual pieces.

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