As one of the leading industrial air compressor manufacturers in the world, Quincy Compressor understands the compressed air challenges that face your industry! That’s why we design our industrial compressor products to provide solutions to important air system demands such as stable air pressure, energy savings, high efficiency, low maintenance, modular design and long life.

Our nearly 100 years of experience enables us to produce versatile industrial-sized air compressors for just about any application. We can also provide custom configurations to meet specific air compression requirements.

Select an industry below to view its unique air system challenges, as well as Quincy’s solution…

agricultural air compressor


We offer several economical industrial-use air compressors that provide the long-lasting performance and low cost of ownership that are essential for productive and profitable farming operations.

air compressor for manufacturing


We offer a wide assortment of high-performing industrial-sized air compressors for heavy manufacturing operations such as assembly plants, refineries, steel production facilities and many others.



Our industrial-use compressor system components provide clean, dry air and stable air pressure for all types of automotive operations such as auto repair and body shops.

air compressor for climate control

Climate Control

Quincy air compressors can meet the heavy demands and wide-ranging operating conditions for various climate-control applications.

air compressor for natural gas

Natural Gas

Few industrial compressor manufacturers can match Quincy Compressor when it comes to around-the-clock gas compression service for high-demand natural gas applications such as gas transfer, vapor recovery and fume elimination.

air compressor for dry cleaners

Dry Cleaning

We feature industrial-size compressors that provide reliable compressed air solutions for solvent processing and garment pressing.

air compressor for pharmaceutical


Turn to us for products that provide clean, dry, oil-free air for pharmaceutical industry applications such as conveyance, medication manufacturing and instrument air.

air compressor for energy

Energy Exploration

Our industrial air compressors offer the dependable performance that is vital for remote energy exploration operations, along with unmatched reliability that minimizes repair and maintenance costs.

air compressor for plastics


Quincy high-efficiency air compressors can meet the unique demands of the plastics industry where a sudden loss of air can shut down an entire operation.

air compressor food processing

Food & Beverage

We’re your source for industrial compressor products that provide contaminate-free, high-quality compressed air for all types of food and beverage manufacturing operations.

air compressor for woodworking


Quincy industrial-size air compressors serve as a ready source of dependable compressed air for millwork facilities, furniture manufacturers and other woodworking-related businesses that require cost-effective operation of air compressors and vacuum pumps.

low pressure air compressor

Low Pressure

You can count on Quincy Compressor for energy-efficient compressors and vacuum solutions that are ideally suited for low-pressure applications. They are extremely cost-effective to purchase and install.



Quincy Compressor supplies the compressors you need to properly test the pressure of water piping systems. Learn more about our portable systems and how professionals in plumbing count on them every day.



Painting can be a tedious task without the aid of pneumatic tools powered by a Quincy Compressor. Learn more about our various models that help make painting a whole lot easier.

Beer Tap


Air compressors play an important role in the bottling of your favorite brew. Learn more about the process and our various models that play a role in the brewing industry.


Amusement Parks

High quality air compressors play an important role in ensuring the safety of amusement park visitors who enjoy roller coasters. Learn more.



Air compressors play an important role in various aspects of the aerospace industry, from contamination control to launching rockets. Learn more.



Air compressors play a role in many aspects in the textile industry, from powering critical tools to adding texture to fabrics. Learn more about air compressors in the textile industry.



Air compressors have played an important role in the mining industry throughout history. Learn more about air compressors in the mining industry and see what a Quincy Compressor can do.

air compressors for energy

Standard Oil & Gas

Air compressors play an important role int he standard oil and gas industries. Learn more about air compressors in the industry and see what a Quincy Compressor can do.

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