Reviews and Testimonials

I purchased a QT-54 compressor based on favorable online reviews. I’m pleased with the performance and the lower noise level, compared to my previous compressor, which was not a Quincy Compressor. Worth noting… my previous compressor had a 2-cylinder pump and produced more of a low frequency “thumping sound” that seemed louder and carried a greater distance than the 4-cylinder Quincy QT-54.

— Why I Love Quincy, Andy

Employer put me in charge of a government research contract that required a lab with a compressed air system. I selected a Quincy-based system that helped us achieve ambitious technical goals which led to company growth and follow-on contract work.

— Why I Love Quincy, Jack

I’ve had my compressor for 20 years! Never one problem. Ever! Keep up with maintenance and they last! You can never beat that.

— Why I Love Quincy, Robert

Friendly service!

— Why I Love Quincy, Jose

If it’s not Quincy, it’s not a great compressor!

— Why I Love Quincy, Melissa

Quick responses to parts requests.

— Why I Love Quincy, Chip

Quincy compressor is the golden standard for reliability. Excellent customer service.

— Why I Love Quincy, Juan

Quality and longevity. Dependable compressors.

— Why I Love Quincy, Darrel

I had the QGS25 installed on 4-7-23 and no more air supply issues in our shop!

— Why I Love Quincy, John

I love Quincy Compressor because they always have what I need in stock every single time.

— Why I Love Quincy, Justin

The place I work uses Quincy compressors. Anytime I’ve called to have them serviced, the customer service is always friendly and very helpful. The techs that come out and work on our compressors are genuine and thorough. It really makes a huge difference, especially for small business such as ours. Thank you for all you do!

— Why I Love Quincy, Emily

Gives me plenty of air quickly. It has never let me down!

— Why I Love Quincy, Garrett

Personable and knowledgeable technician with excellent customer service skills.

— Direct CT Mark, GA

The Quincy team of technicians are very skilled and explain everything  in detail. I feel confident with their work and I would recommend their service to anyone.

— Direct CT Roy, TX

Very reliable equipment! Sales team was very up to date and satisfied all the needs we had at that point in time.

— Direct CT Johann, CA

Very knowledgeable sales engineer! Reasonable price, good reputation, and the installer was very good.

— Direct CT Paul, PA

Great communication and customer service.

— Direct CT Jason, IL

They are prompt, courteous, and the product is reliable. We have been very happy with both of our Quincy units and the support.

— Direct CT Alan, Georgia

The technician was very helpful and knowledgeable!

— Direct CT Alana, CA

Dedicated sales team and qualified repair personnel.

— Direct CT Richard, NC

Knowledge, quality, professionalism and accountability. Very good company to work with on all accounts from start to finish, always willing to take the lead to make sure there are no errors on either side. All installs were done in a timely manner. Great company and great people, including their office staff.

— Direct CT Dottie, PA

The service and follow up was great!

— Direct CT Thomas, IL

I have Quincy compressors in all my plants and they are very reliable.

— Direct CT Vince, CA

This is our second Quincy compressor. The first one is still in service, we use that as our backup, and the new one is needed for extra demand. We are quite pleased with your sales person, very knowledgeable and informative. The technician was also very knowledgeable, and explained the operation to us. He was also available for explanation at a later point.

— Direct CT Angelo, NY

I have always gotten good reliability from Quincy compressors.

— Direct CT Larry, TX

Entire transaction from start to end was very smooth. Everyone was very helpful. Overall outstanding service.

— Direct CT Haroon, CA

Overall excellent experience! Look forward to continually working with Quincy and thank you for all your assistance in getting me what I was looking for!

— Direct CT Mark, FL

We had fantastic customer support and service.

— Direct CT Bill, GA

Quality build, made in USA, great customer support, outstanding performance for value/dollars. Thank you for making a Great product

— Stephen, NV

Quietness and overall satisfaction of being able to run a pneumatic punch press, 16-18 staple guns and a framing gun all day every day.

— Ashley, AL

Sturdy, durable construction. Dependable operation.

— John, DE

Good value for the cost. Quiet operation yet has lots of power for duty time. A great compressor that was comparably priced with similar “big box” store examples. Buying the unit from Zorn provided a much higher level of customer service and piece of mind knowing I can contact them with any future questions, concerns or service needs.

— Dean, WI

Excellent customer service and tech support. The machine itself runs flawlessly. I run the compressor off my solar system and it works great. 2k of panels and 9.6 kwh of battery. Barely puts a dent in the power storage.

— Jack, TX

It runs as described in the literature. Easy installation, quieter than my old oiless compressor and quick fill and recovery.

— Ivan, NH

Great finished product. Has performed flawlessly. Everything I hope it would be for an air compressor. Hope I don’t need another compressor but if you’re looking you should give it a try.

— Joseph, SC

American made, very high quality, and it is Blue, my featured color for my shop lol. Worth every penny. Last compressor I will need to buy.

— Steven, LA

Compressor has performed great since installation. Sales rep was a huge help. Service tech did a good job. Very pleased

— Steve, PA

My research indicated that Quincy compressors were really good. I have been happy with the quality and performance so far.

— Direct CT Alfred, IA

Has worked flawlessly since installation

— Brad, WA

We have had zero issues with it. Thank you for building a quality product.

— Nick, GA

It maintains pressure no matter what tool I use.

— Don, FL

It’s a wonderful, portable, compressor. I like that it’s USA made and super quiet. I have used it for painting, working on cars and driving nails. The customer satisfaction concern says a lot about the company. I’ve really enjoyed the quality of my compressor! I would definitely recommend Quincy and would buy another if needed.

— Patrick, VA

American made. I own 3 Quincy compressors and have been very happy. The oldest one is about 20 years old. The second one is about 6 months and the newest one is about 1 month. Good well built compressor with good quality and workmanship.

— Joel, TX

Love the twin cylinder compressor. 1) It works 100% of the the time. 2). It is reliable. 3) American made. Very pleased so far with the performance and reliability.

— Wilbur, NM

I have a qts-5 that I used hard for 20 years, very reliable

— Jan, WI

I have been involved with different compressors since 1984 and I believe they are one of the best in the business.

— Ray, OH

The unit we own is outstanding! It’s a Q13160VQ vertical compressor. It’s a workhorse that’s 5x quieter than anything else on the market! Their customer service and professionalism are unmatched hands down! The hose reel and maintenance kit were well worth the addition, due to the fact that their iron clad warranty covers everything! All of my mail guns now work without having to do extra maintenance! It’s an AMAZING COMPANY, I love it and [...]

— Mark, TN

We had them where I used to work. They seemed very reliable. Hardly any down time except for routine maintenance.

— Ron, IL

Have another Quincy compressor in a different shop and has worked perfect with no issues since we installed it

— Glenn, MN

It is designed with longevity as a major factor in materials and construction. I am confident in the quality of this machine. I worked as a professional engineer in the petroleum industry for all of my career and know what it takes for a long lasting design. Thanks for providing a compressor of this quality to the consumer market.

— David, TX

Quincy=longevity. I’m a firm believer in buying things once, and being made in the good ole USA! I’ve never been let down by a Quincy, and don’t forsee ever being let down.

— Lee, MS

Service, sales and rep. helped with setting up system and parts. Need to make a great system history with other Quincy units we, have great people to work with.

— Dale, WI

This is my first large compressor. I am so glad I chose Quincy. So far I am very impressed with the quality and reliability.

— Nash, TX

The Warranty is awesome and all of the employees that I have dealt with seem very knowledgeable and proficient at teaching. As a Maintenance Technician that deals with many 3rd party techs all the time, I appreciate when more experienced techs will take the time to help me understand the technical details and Preventative maintenance processes. 

— Matt, GA

The quality of the compressor is very nice and your tech guys were very helpful on the questions I had.

— Michael, NE

The quality of the compressor is great. I was in between a Quincy and an IR and the Quincy’s reviews and quality were way better.

— Ian, TN

The reasons are many: at work there was an old Quincy compressor that never skipped a beat, my history w/Quincy is one reason. It is quiet is another, very quiet. As received, there was no air coupler present, a spare from inventory was installed and we were off and running. It was fully expected that the compressor would be shipped with same.

— Breezy, MT

Quality, Nice build, quiet and fast recovery. What’s not to like.

— Jeff, PA

Quiet, prompt service request, and great value. Great product

— Jeff, IL

Service, great people , help our business succeed Thank u too all!!

— John, MI

The biggest reasons it’s made in the USA! and after doing lots of research Quincy had very good reviews I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m very happy with my new Quincy compressor it was a reasonable price for a quality product that meets my needs and thanks for making your products in the USA!

— Darwin, WA

Quality design and service.

— Francois, FL

Very good products and service team is great to work with.

— Jeff, WI

Joe Nowak is the reason, he was nothing but helpful he would call to check in and make sure I was taken care from the beginning to the end. Quincy makes a great compressor, we are beyond happy!!

— Anthony, CA

The customer service was excellent and the compressor is quiet & runs smoothly

— Brantly, NC

Great customer service from the initial conversation to follow up questions after installation.

— Steve, PA

When I purchase another compressor, I am sure that I know which brand I will choose. Thank You!

— Brad, NY

Quincy with sort notice came through for us. Very good company, we are very thankful for purchasing a Quincy Compressor they came through for us.

— Rick, FL

Seems like a good value for our application. Smaller and quieter than the old compressor it replaced, but seems to make the same amount of air. Extended warranty is straightforward and easy to apply.

— Scott, WY

They went out of their way to help me get it delivered and into my garage. Friendly and helpful. I feel bad when I can’t buy a product from them and have to go elsewhere.

— Craig, MI

Overall Excellent Experience! Look forward to continually working with Quincy and thank you for all your assistance in getting me what I was looking for!

— Mark, FL

Smoothest compressor I’ve ever owned. Love it.

— Dennis, VA

Overall I’ve had a great experience so far with Quincy. And I look forward to testing out its power and longevity.

— Jon, IN

The sales rep was very responsive and answered my concerns timely. To top it off, the technician was wonderful. I’ll definitely be just as faithful to you as you guys were to me. Thank you.

— Steve, CA

Quality of a product and the excellent customer service. My first compressor was damaged due to shipping. Quincy was there to help and I received a replacement shortly after. Thank you!

— Clark, SC

Quality along with past history. Great equipment. We have several Quincy units for HVAC. It goes unsaid, when we needed a standalone unit for our shops it only made sense to go with the best.

— Rick, IA

Quincy provided the equipment choices we needed within our available budget. This is our 2nd Quincy unit that we have in our facility. I’m sure it will not be our last.

— Brian, MI

The Quincy compressors long life expectancy, quiet operation, and fastest recovery during tool use.

— Roy, OH

Just a first-class piece of equipment. Works correctly out of the box. Well known reputation for quality machinery.

— Jim, VA

The best all-around compressor built. Quincy has been a name of reliability for my compressor needs for over 30 years.

— Kirk, TX

Great sales staff that considers your needs and financial requirements.

— Bruce, NJ