QRNG Single & Two Stage Natural Gas Compressors

Based on the proven performance of the QR-25, an air compressor with over 80 years of reliable service, but engineered exclusively for natural gas applications, the Quincy QRNG™ is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron for strength and durability. The cylinders are cast with horizontal cooling fins and machined to rigid tolerances. The Quincy QRNG features an advanced-design pressure lubrication system, rebuildable connecting rods and low-lift valves. Optional gas unloaders available.

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Quincy QRNG Key Features

Natural gas air compressors can produce consistent air pressure, reliable power and an extended operating cycle. They can maintain maximum efficiency even when operating with loads as low as 30%.

A Quincy natural gas compressor from the advanced QRNG Series can deliver reliable, long-lasting performance. As reciprocating compressors, these machines rely on a positive displacement pump to propel the gas through the system and increase its density.

We offer multiple single-stage and two-stage gas compressor options equipped with numerous value-added features:

  • Robust shaft seal design that can maintain internal pressure to 30 psi
  • Heavy-duty valves consisting of cast-iron bumpers and stainless steel discs for a longer product life span
  • Slow-speed operation that produces increased cfm per horsepower and requires less maintenance
  • High-strength aluminum alloy connecting rods featuring replaceable inserts
  • Intercooler equipped with large circular fins to facilitate rapid heat dissipation

A QRNG gas compressor is an excellent choice for compressed air applications requiring either lower gas volumes or higher pressure. Examples include chemical and natural gas processing plants, pipelines and various industrial manufacturing processes.

Superior Construction and Reliable Performance

Quincy gas compressors are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of operating at outdoor job sites, providing constant exposure to the elements or frequent movement through a facility. They’re engineered for strength and durability, enabling them to perform flawlessly in heavy-duty compressed air applications. The replacement of yellow metals with steel and aluminum increases the machines’ corrosion resistance.

As with all Quincy Compressor products, consistent performance is a QRNG Series hallmark. The high-efficiency rotor profile and unmatched precision manufacturing process ensure repeatable results in any operating environment. You can expect many years of reliable service from your well-maintained natural gas compressor.

QRNG Single-Stage Technical Specs

Model  Bore and Stroke Min. RPM Max. RPM CFM at Max. RPM Max. Inlet Pressure Mas. Discharge Pressure Max. BHP
216 NG 3x3x2.5 400 900 18.4 30 150 5.5
240 NG 4x4x3 400 900 39.3 30 125 10.9
270 NG 4.5×4.5×4 400 900 66.3 30 125 18.3
4125 NG 4.5×4.5×4 400 900 132.5 30 125 34.5

QRNG Two-Stage Technical Specs

Model  Bore and Stroke Min. RPM Max. RPM CFM at Max. RPM Max. Inlet Pressure Mas. Discharge Pressure Max. BHP
325NG 4.5×2.5×3 400 900 24.9 30 500 13.2
340 NG 5.25x3x3.5 400 900 39.5 30 500 20.0
350 NG 6×3.25×3.5 400 900 53.7 30 400 23.8
370 NG 6×3.25×4 400 900 61.6 30 400 27.7
5120 NG 6×3.25×4 400 900 123.2 15 325 33.0

Maintaining QRNG Products With Genuine Quincy Compressor Parts and Lubricants

We’ve designed the QRNG product line to ensure fast, easy maintenance. For instance, you won’t need to remove the cylinder head to access the disc-type valves — the components typically requiring the most attention. You’ll save substantial time and avoid hassles during the machine servicing process.

When it’s time to replace worn or broken parts and change and replenish the oil and other vital fluids, we have everything you need to get the job done. Our convenient distribution locations offer full-service solutions for repairing and maintaining your compressors, including around-the-clock emergency service.

Warranty Protection for Your Quincy Gas Compressor

Quincy Compressor has been a compressed air pioneer for more than a century. We support our USA-made products with industry-best warranties that protect your investment and give your more peace of mind. Our authorized distributors can help you explore all your options and select coverage that makes sense for your situation and budget.

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