Along with pressure, compressor capacity is one of the two important specifications to consider when purchasing an air compressor. Compressor capacity can be defined as the amount of air the unit is able to pump out. An easy way to differentiate between compressor capacity and pressure is that the former indicates “how much” while the latter measures “how strong.”

While a small and large compressor can have the same pressure capabilities, the larger model has a greater capacity to produce more compressed air. Capacity is expressed in terms of cubic feet per minute (CFM). A simple way to determine the right compressor capacity for your needs is to add up the capacity requirements for all the tools and equipment you use simultaneously.

Power$ync Can Save You Money

Does your actual compressed air demand, referred to as “load,” exceed 80% of your compressor’s capacity? The Quincy Power$ync is a unique design that gives the compressor the ability to function as a base load machine AND a part-load machine. When you don’t need the entire capacity of the compressor, the Power$ync® lift valves quickly decrease the air flow output. The compressor is able to vary the output using specially designed lift valves, controlled by the Q-Control. These patented lift valves adjust automatically to match the demand of your application! This enables your compressor to operate more efficiently, which can save you a substantial amount of money in lower electric bills.

Q-Control Provides Advanced Monitoring Capabilities

Q-Control is a highly advanced microcompressor that makes use of intuitive software to control the operation of the lift valves. This enables the compressor to vary the compressor output as needed. The lift valves automatically adjust to meet the load requirements for your specific application. This results in stable pressure that makes your compressor more efficient and reliable.

The Q-Control package includes a 5.7” full-color display, which enables online visualization via an Ethernet connection. Other key features include a graphic service plan indicator, dual pressure band, and day/week organizer. A predictive graphic service plan and pre-warnings are also included. The Q-Control microcompressor provides networking capabilities with up to six air compressors.

Download QSI Power$ync PDF

Variable Displacement Lift Valves Are Up to the Challenge

While the Q-Control microprocessor is the brains of the Quincy Power$ync system, it’s the patented variable displacement lift valves that do all of the heavy work. These double-acting lift valves are designed for rapid response and control, ensuring positive seals. The valves are machined directly into the air-end housing, which prevents air leaks. Because the valves are actuated with internal air pressure, no extra power is required, which makes them extremely energy efficient.

The Quincy Power$ync Efficiency Advantage

While most variable-speed drive machines are optimized for less than 80% compressor capacity, Quincy Power$ync is engineered and designed to deliver peak performance at higher loads. Power$ync can be up to 10% more efficient than at loads above 80%. And unlike VSD machines, Power$ync operates without the need to remove drive-generated heat. In short, Power$ync can lower your operating costs through increased efficiency.

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At a Glance

  • Leakage rate down to zero
  • 100% modular
  • Requires lower loading pressure
  • Easy to install
  • 10-Year Guarantee