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For today’s busy professionals, nothing beats the convenience of buying online. Air compressors are no exception — though an air compressor can be considered a large purchase, with Quincy quality and the support of our authorized online retailers, you can shop and buy now with confidence.

Quincy piston air compressors, refrigerated air dryers, particulate and coalescing filters, air filter elements and maintenance kits with fluid and filters are available for purchase through a number of authorized online retailers — each of which we chose specifically for their ability to deliver the level of support our clients demand. Read on for more information about our partners or follow the links to buy an air compressor directly.

Northern Tool and Equipment

Northern Tool and Equipment offers online, catalog and in-store shopping options to meet the needs of consumers. The company’s inventory includes a wide range of power tools and accessories, including Quincy air compressors, dryers, filters and maintenance kits. With roots dating back to 1981, Northern Tool and Equipment has demonstrated the reliability and commitment to serving its customers that make it an ideal place to buy an air compressor online.

Shop Northern Tools and Equipment’s great selection of Quincy products for everyday low pricing and free shipping on select items. To check out the company’s current selection of air tools, air hoses, blow guns, air chucks & gauges, air couplers and more air compressor accessories, visit today.

Air Compressors Direct

Air Compressors Direct carries a wide selection of Quincy air compressors for sale in their online store. The company offers portable, stand-alone and truck-mounted units ranging in power from 2 HP onwards, with tank sizes up to 120 gallons. Buy an air compressor from Air Compressors Direct to take advantage of their free freight shipping, 2% check discount and tax-free guarantee on orders to anywhere except Illinois.

Air Compressors Direct’s roots date back to 2003. After more than a decade in business, the company has established a clear reputation for excellent service and great prices. Quincy is proud to have Air Compressors Direct as an authorized online vendor of Quincy products. Visit their list today to see current pricing and availability.

Compressor World

Known as the “air compressor superstore,” Compressor World is one of the best places to buy Quincy air compressors online. With expert advice available via the company’s instant chat and toll-free hotline, it’s easy to get the assistance you need to make a smart purchase. Compressor World carries Quincy air compressors, dryers and filters — all at guaranteed low prices. Local service and live demonstrations are available throughout the continental United States, and shipping is free on most models. Visit to view selection and connect with an air expert today.

At Quincy Compressors, Quality Matters

Any air compressor in the Quincy product line is an excellent investment. Getting the most out of your purchase, however, takes the support of a dealer you can trust. Buying any sort of machinery without checking it out in person is often thought of as a risk. At Quincy, we are selective in the companies that represent us online. Purchase from any of our authorized retailers, and you can be certain you are dealing with a company that will offer long-term support, fulfilling the commitment to quality we have been working nearly 100 years to develop.

For questions about buying from any of our approved vendors, please contact us today!