Recipes Using Beer

Posted on: April 30, 2020

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We all have a favorite brew, but a number of us forget that beer can also be a secret ingredient that sets your dishes apart from the rest. If operating in the industry of craft brewing, businesses must keep in mind the power of beer within recipes for meats, stews, soups and even desserts. Signature refreshing beverages get that much better when they leave the mug and get incorporated into main meals on the dinner table.

Why use beer in food recipes? Beer enthusiasts understand various hops and tastes, but lagers and ales influence aromas in foods when used as a substitute for water or wine. Whether your customers enjoy malt, fruit or rich flavors, there are beer recipes for just about everyone.

Cooking With Beer

Restaurant and brewery owners have the ability to transform fried foods, marinades, sauces, cakes and more using beer. Selecting the ideal brew for your cooking/baking efforts will require background knowledge of beer tastes, but Quincy Compressor is here to make the selection process simple. Wheat beers, pale ales, porters and stouts are popular cooking ingredients as key characteristics leave the palate wanting more.


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Wheat Beer Recipes

Wheat beers take on a light appearance as brews are created with ale/lager yeasts. Consumers might reach for a refreshing wheat beer during the summer months, but this smooth and mellow option works well with fish and lightweight meat such as chicken. Wheat beers provide a slight taste of fruit without getting in the way of other ingredients and seasonings.

Try using wheat beers in the following recipes:


Pale Ale Beer Recipes

Pale ales sit in the middle of the spectrum of light and dark beers. Offering crisp hops and fruit/malt tastes, these beverages pair well with recipes using meats like turkey and steak. Use a pale ale in soups, grilling marinades and stews as a fool-proof choice for balancing bold flavors and aromas.

Keep in mind that IPAs (India Pale Ales) are not recommended for cooking recipes unless you are trying to achieve a bitter flavor. Intense hops coming from IPA brews can be difficult to eliminate and stay present even after cooking. For best results, follow these top recipes using pale ale beers:


Recipes Using Porter Beers

Porter beers are known for their darker appearance and malt/roast aroma. Customers visiting your restaurant or brewery appreciate porters as they contain traces of chocolate, caramel and other sweets. For original desserts, consider using a porter in the baking of cakes, breads and even brownies.

Porters are extremely versatile when used as an ingredient in food recipes. With subtle hops, porters have a place within thick cheese sauces, meat glazes and stews. Delicious recipes using porter-style beers include:


Stout Beer Dessert Recipes

Stout beers are famous for heavy malt flavors and usually have smells of coffee, chocolate and licorice. These beers have a lower alcohol content than other ales and are ideal for mixing into rich desserts. Impress visitors at your restaurant or brewery with stout-based treats such as:


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