How Paintball Guns Use Air Compressors

Posted on: July 13, 2021

Compressed air is an increasingly popular choice for casual paintball players and match play, and offers multiple advantages over carbon dioxide (CO2). As a power source, compressed air tanks are reliable solutions players can depend on during high-speed play any time of the year.

How Does a Paintball Gun Use an Air Compressor?

Paintball guns use tanks filled with compressed air to create pressure, cycling a paintball into the barrel and building pressure behind it. With each pull of the trigger, the pressure releases to propel the ball through the barrel, then quickly pull another in from the loader to repeat the process.

While CO2 tanks use a liquid that turns into gas, paintball guns use tanks filled with pressurized air. This power source helps the paintball gun produce more consistent results, helping to prevent issues with pressure and loading.

Why Use Compressed Air in a Paintball Gun?

With air compressor tanks in paintball guns, players gain the upper hand over those using CO2. When compared to the average pressure rating for a CO2 tank, a paintball gun air compressor can provide over twice as much capacity. These tanks maintain constant pressure throughout to deliver steady performance in warm or cold weather and during rapid fire.

Paintball gun air compressor tanks are also easy to refill and easy to quickly top off between matches. With constant and stable pressure, a paintball gun air compressor tank produces less wear on paintball guns and components, making compressed air the smarter investment and better choice regardless of how the paintball guns are used.

How to Fill a Paintball Gun Air Compressor Tank

Filling the air compressor tank in a paintball gun is simple, and something you can do often to keep it topped off. To fill the air compressor tank in a paintball gun:

  • Invest in the right air compressor: Compressors from the hardware store are incapable of achieving enough pressure. Invest in a compressor pump with a rating at or above 5000 pounds per square inch (psi).
  • Fill the paintball gun air compressor tank: Attach your compressor piping to the tank and fill — without going too rapidly — while watching your pressure gauge so you know when to stop.

Choosing a Paintball Gun Air Compressor

In most cases, paintball guns use compressed air tanks with high pressure ratings, generally ranging from 3000 psi up to 5000 psi. The paintball guns balance the pressure using a regulator connected to the piping to achieve the ideal output.

To make sure you can fill tanks to their maximum capacity, invest in a high-pressure paintball gun air compressor with a rating of 5000 psi or higher. Speak to an expert for help making sure you make the right decision to satisfy your needs while staying on budget.

Get Help Finding the Right Paintball Gun Air Compressor

At Quincy Compressor, we manufacture an extensive lineup of powerful compressors suited for a wide range of applications. For expert help choosing the right paintball gun air compressor, please contact us online.