How to Replace The Regulator on an Air Compressor

Posted on: November 11, 2022

An air compressor regulator valve regulates the air between the air compressor and the connected appliance. The regulator reduces the air pressure to prevent your appliance from receiving a high pressure it cannot handle.

A regulator that leaks air, randomly drops in air pressure or has a broken internal seal may need replacing. A faulty regulator can reduce the life span of your tools or make them underperform.

If your air compressor needs a new regulator valve, follow these instructions to replace this critical part.

What You Need to Get Started

The materials and tools you’ll need to replace the regulator on your air compressor are:

  • A new regulator: Select a regulator that is the correct size and rating for your compressor.
  • Adjustable wrench: The adjustable wrench allows you to turn the regulator.
  • Scrubbing pad: The scrubbing pad cleans the components.
  • Teflon tape: This tape ensures the new regulator valve fits securely.
  • A 3/16-inch Allen wrench: This Allen wrench installs the plug.

The Replacement Process

Prepare for the replacement by turning the control knob counterclockwise to release the pressure in the air hose connector. Then, unplug the compressor and release the tank pressure using the water drain valve.

Removing the Old Regulator

Follow these steps to remove the old regulator:

  1. Place the adjustable wrench around the regulator’s hex nut.
  2. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to apply slight pressure to the regulator.
  3. Remove the regulator.
  4. Remove the quick-connect hose connection.
  5. Clean the fitting with the scrubbing pad.

Installing the New Regulator

Take these measures to install your new regulator:

  1. Apply Teflon tape to the output fitting.
  2. Thread the regulator onto the fitting.
  3. Attach the gauge to one side of the regulator.
  4. Install a plug on the opposite side of the gauge using the Allen wrench.
  5. Reinstall the quick connection for the air hose.
  6. Plug the compressor in and test the regulator valve for leaks once the compressor has filled with air pressure.

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