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If you use compressed air to stay productive, we have the products and services you need at an affordable cost from a name you can trust. At Quincy Compressor, we have over 100 years of industry experience manufacturing industrial-strength air compressors. We’ll use our expertise to help you find the right system and keep it running as efficiently as possible.

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Full Line of Quincy Air Compressors

Your Local Supplier for Industrial Air Compressors in Richmond, California

Our products are made in the USA and built for rugged wear. They’re also backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

The full Quincy line includes a wide variety of systems built in different styles, models and configurations capable of handling the most challenging roles. We also design custom systems from the ground up and provide turnkey air compressor installation services for companies throughout Contra Costa County.

The industrial air compressors we have for sale in the Richmond area include:

  • Reciprocating compressors: We manufacture a diverse line of reciprocating/piston-style compressors, with multiple different model types available.
  • Oil-free compressors: The oil-free air compressors in our product line are built to the strict ISO 8573-1 Class 0 standard for acceptable sterile output.
  • Rotary screw compressors: Quincy rotary screw compressors are some of the most heavy-duty units available and are ideal for continuous use operations.
  • Vacuum pumps: Our vacuum pumps are legendary for power and performance. We have multiple options available, including application-specific models.
  • Portable air compressors: Our portable air compressors pack a lot of power into a compact package that’s easy to move and perfect for light applications.
  • Green and efficient solutions: We offer a selection of advanced compressor upgrades designed to help improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprints.
  • Air treatment products: Our inventory includes various in-line air treatment products that you can install with your compressor to filter the air and remove moisture.
  • Genuine parts and fluids: As the Quincy Compressor direct location serving Richmond, we have all the genuine components and fluids you need for system maintenance.
  • Natural gas compressors: The natural gas compressors we manufacture are for facilities using natural gas systems rather than compressors powered by electric or diesel.

24-Hour Air Compressor Repair in Contra Costa County

When your system goes down, we know every minute counts. With our 24-hour expert repairs, our team will work hard to get your compressor back online no matter the day or time. Our technicians know our systems inside and out and use only genuine parts and components for every fix.

We also provide proactive maintenance services designed to prevent unexpected downtime and optimize your machine. Several are available to match your budget and needs, including plans that provide you with up to five more years of comprehensive warranty protection. Our representatives will show you what each has to offer and help you decide.

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Looking for an Air Compressor Company in Richmond?

If you’re looking to buy an air compressor in Richmond, California, or if you need repairs for an existing unit, you have one of the oldest and most trusted names in the business here in the local area.

Call 888-881-6678 to speak to a representative, or send us a message using our contact form for assistance.

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