Natural Gas: QRNG Series

QRNG Single & Two Stage Natural Gas Compressors

Based on the proven performance of the QR-25, an air compressor with over 80 years of reliable service, but engineered exclusively for natural gas applications, the Quincy QRNG™ is constructed of heavy-duty cast iron for strength and durability. The cylinders are cast with horizontal cooling fins and machined to rigid tolerances. The Quincy QRNG features an advanced-design pressure lubrication system, rebuildable connecting rods and low-lift valves. Optional gas unloaders available.

eye-iconAt a Glance

  • 9 models available
  • Single & 2-stage, 2-34 hp
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Low-cost gas compression
  • Corrosion/wear-resistant seals
  • Blow-by gas connected back to suction
  • No leakage to atmosphere, closed loop

eye-iconUp Close

  • Ps 15″hg-15 psig/Pd to 400 psig
  • Individually accessible valves
  • One-piece crankshaft
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Spin-on oil filter
  • Pressure lubrication

Engineered for the Most Demanding Applications

A wide range of models makes the QRNG series of products the ideal choice for any demanding application. The series includes single-stage natural gas compressors offering between 2 and 34 horsepower, and two-stage models between 5 and 33 horsepower. Two-stage natural gas compressors are capable of delivering up to 225 MCFD. All models feature the same precision engineering that has made the QR-25 one of the most popular compressors in the world. As a result, when it comes to natural gas compressors, your choice of Quincy is one that will deliver value and performance for decades to come.

From top to bottom, the QRNG line of products incorporates some of the most important innovations derived from our long history of engineering excellence. Notable features include a manually reversible oil pump that provides application flexibility, an improved shaft seal that holds internal pressures up to 30 psi, a screw-in dipstick and O-ring seal that prevents gases from venting into the workspace, and more.

Easy Maintenance and Corrosion Resistance

Both single- and two-stage natural gas compressors feature cast-iron cylinders and pistons that maintain rigid tolerances to deliver the most efficient performance possible. To ensure superior corrosion resistance, all yellow metal components have been replaced with steel or aluminum. Gaskets and seals are made with wear-resistant Viton® for longer life and better performance.

To reduce maintenance requirements, Quincy natural gas compressors have been engineered for slow speed operation, producing more CFM per horsepower and reducing wear on replaceable components. A positive displacement oil pump keeps sensitive components properly lubricated at all times, while a rifle-drilled, counter-weighted crankshaft extends the life of pin and bearing parts by keeping vibration to a minimum. Heavy-duty, disc-type valves are easily accessible, so when maintenance is required, it can be performed with a minimal amount of downtime. All the above advantages combine to make Quincy natural gas compressors a clear productivity leader — simplifying your path to a strong ROI.

Choose the Model That’s Best for You

With nine models available and a wide range of options for configuring your purchase, the Quincy QRNG series is the ideal choice for a number of applications. Quincy single-stage natural gas compressors can handle inlet pressures up to 30 psig, and they feature a maximum discharge pressure of 150 (216NG model) or 125 psig (all other single-stage units). For heavier-duty applications, our two-stage natural gas compressors have a maximum discharge pressure of 500, 400 or 325 psig.

All units can be customized with an optional gas unloader. Quincy gas unloaders provide faster start-up and an improved ability to handle changes in capacity requirements. Connect a gas unloader to an activation and control system of your choice. For more information, or to review detailed specs for any QRNG single- or two-stage natural gas compressor, please follow the links below to download the product brochure. Better yet, contact a Quincy sales rep in your area for assistance.

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