Portable Air Compressor Parts

Portable air compressors are a popular choice for both home and commercial use. For a typical do-it-yourselfer or any application in which flexibility is essential, a portable compressor allows you to do more with less. Quincy Compressor is a leading manufacturer of portable compressors for a wide range of industries and applications. To help you make an informed purchasing decision, we’ve prepared this brief guide to portable compressor parts and maintenance.

Portable Compressor Components

All portable compressors are different, though most have several parts in common, depending on the design. Key features of a Quincy single-stage portable compressor include the:

  • Motor: An electric motor powers portable compressors. As with automotive engines, compressors are rated according to the amount of horsepower (HP) their motor produces. However, a more powerful motor does not necessarily mean the compressor will deliver more pressure or be able to power more tools.
  • Valve/piston: A compressor uses its motor to drive a valve and piston assembly, which draws air into a chamber and compresses it. We measure how effective a compressor does this in both pressure (PSIG) and capacity (CFM). Most portable compressors feature a single-stage design, meaning they have only one valve/piston assembly. Multi-stage configurations, on the other hand, contain a series of chambers and pistons, and they’re more common on stationary models. If you need higher pressures/greater capacities, a two-stage configuration is better for you.
  • Storage tank: Most portable compressors feature a storage tank for holding compressed air until it is ready to use. A larger storage tank means you can go longer without running the compressor motor; however, it also increases the footprint of the unit, taking up more space and making it less portable. We measure storage tank capacity in gallons or liters.

Our Quincy Testimonials

Great sales staff that considers your needs and financial requirements.

– Bruce

Just a first-class piece of equipment. Works correctly out of the box. Well known reputation for quality machinery.

– Jim

Quality along with past history. Great equipment. We have several Quincy units for HVAC. It goes unsaid, when we needed a standalone unit for our shops it only made sense to go with the best.

– Rick

Portable Air Compressor Care and Maintenance

Taking care of the various parts of a portable air compressor requires periodic inspections and maintenance. Doing so regularly ensures compliance with your unit’s warranty and helps reduce the risk of unexpected downtime due to equipment failure. Each compressor has different maintenance requirements, though common service items often include keeping the intake vents clean, checking hoses and tightening fasteners, changing the unit’s oil and air filters when necessary and cleaning the fuel tank.

The Quincy Compressor NO-BULL Warranty

Not only do Quincy portable compressors boast low maintenance requirements, we also back them with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business. You can choose our three-year extended warranty option. Our exclusive “NO-BULL” package comes with everything you need to perform regular maintenance for your purchase, saving up to 15% on the cost of purchasing replacement portable air compressor parts separately.

Ordering Replacement Parts

Need help finding the right part for your Quincy portable air compressor? We carry a comprehensive selection of genuine spare parts, including actuators, bearings, gauges, motors, gaskets and more. A quality Quincy compressor demands quality Quincy parts. Next time your unit requires regular maintenance or other work, purchase the genuine item for performance you can trust.

To order parts or request assistance from one of our team members, use our website to find a distributor in your area or contact our factory stores directly.