Why Do I Need a Backup Air Compressor?

Posted on: November 10, 2020

Air compressors are essential energy production machines used in many different kinds of businesses, from manufacturing to construction and more. What happens if something goes wrong with your primary air compressor, though? With a backup air compressor, you can help reduce the amount of downtime if your main compressor breaks and also potentially increase output and productivity in busy times.

Why You Need a Backup Air Compressor

Here are just a few of the top reasons backup air compressors are essential to your business.

1. Minimize Downtime If Something Goes Wrong

For many businesses, an air compressor is vital to daily operations. If your company is one that depends on compressed air, you can lose valuable time if something happens to your primary air compressor. Unplanned downtime can lead to lost wages for employees as well as potentially spoiled products if you have perishable items or items with a time-sensitive shelf-life.

If you have a backup air compressor, you can put it to work as soon as something goes wrong. That way, you can keep your operations going with minimal downtime while you wait for your primary air compressor to be fixed.

2. Allow for Maintenance of Your Primary Air Compressor

Air compressors require regular maintenance to stay in top condition. If you don’t have a backup air compressor, then maintenance will have to be performed after working hours or on weekends when production is not in progress. If your business is a 24-hour operation, then you will need to schedule downtime for the maintenance work.

To avoid costly off-hours maintenance and downtime, having a backup air compressor will allow you to easily schedule maintenance on your primary compressor at a time that is convenient for you, without disrupting your production schedule.

3. Increase Your ROI and Production

A backup air compressor does present an upfront expense, but it allows you to save money in production losses when your primary air compressor goes down or needs to be serviced. Even if your primary air compressor is new, you can’t predict if or when something will go wrong. When you have a backup air compressor, you’ll be able to switch power sources immediately, which increases your production capabilities and ultimately your ROI.

4. Operate Multiple Pieces of Equipment at Once

Backup air compressors can also be used to get a job done quicker. For example, if your project requires a fast turnaround time, you’ll likely be able to speed up production by using both your primary and backup air compressor to get the work done.

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