Inside the BluePrint

Inside the BluePrint

Compressed air and gas create an amazing world. That’s why we’re visiting Quincy Compressor, a company transforming crucial technologies ultimately responsible for the rapid expansion of industrialization.

In 1920, Quincy established its reputation for engineered solutions, providing uncompromising reliability for demanding applications. Its flagship products, QR-25 and QSI, have proven to be reliable choices for users in some of the toughest conditions, such as mining, drilling, concrete production, and shipbuilding.

Today, Quincy is a leading designer and manufacturer of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors, ranging from one-third to 350 horsepower, vacuum pumps, and a full line of air treatment components.

Engineered to last for decades of heavy use and manufactured with durability in mind, Quincy recently launched an oil-free line of compressors, offering mid-sized business an efficient and cost-effective product solution.

Plus, Quincy air compressors are backed by some of the most comprehensive warranties in the business, with extended coverage available for up to 10 years for select components.

When it comes to keeping your business running its best, Quincy products bring a quality you can trust – production shift after production shift.