What an Air Compressor Does on a Ship

Posted on: July 5, 2021

Marine air compressors are a crucial component of a ship. A marine air compressor decreases the air volume and increases its energetic potential to provide additional power for other tasks onboard. A ship air compressor’s purpose is to maintain the overall function of a ship.

How Marine Compressors Are Different

Unlike regular air compressors, marine air compressors are intended for use on a ship. Most regular air compressors cannot withstand marine conditions due to salt in the water and air. Marine air compressors are made out of metal that can tolerate these conditions without warping. Using other air compressors would likely result in a device failure or even a safety hazard.

Uses for Air Compressors on Ships

What exactly does a marine air compressor do? Ship air compressors can serve multiple functions depending on their location onboard. Marine air compressors are generally divided into four categories:

  • Main
  • Deck
  • Emergency
  • Topping Up

Main Marine Air Compressor

The main marine air compressor acts as the power source for starting primary and auxiliary engines. The main marine air compressor stores pressurized air, so it can be released when the engines start. This compressor is typically at high capacity since starting the primary and auxiliary engines requires a significant amount of power.

Deck Marine Air Compressor

Deck marine air compressors are small and portable for maximum mobility. This mobility allows them to serve a variety of functions on the deck, such as operating power tools when making small repairs or completing cleaning and sanitation-related tasks. In case of emergencies on deck, such as a fire, a deck marine air compressor can help operate a fire pump. Responding quickly to emergencies on a ship is crucial, as they could compromise the safety of the ship and the people onboard.

Emergency Marine Air Compressor

Emergency marine air compressors provide a backup power source in case of an emergency. In a potential power failure, this compressor can provide the power necessary to operate the primary and auxiliary engines. Having at least one emergency air compressor onboard is crucial to maintaining the ship’s function.

Topping Up Marine Air Compressor

Topping up marine air compressors compensate for any existing or potential leaks in a system. They are connected to devices that monitor the current pressure within the system. If this pressure dips below a specified level, a topping up marine air compressor can restore the pressure to the desired level.

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