Snow Removal, Ice Chilling and More Winter Work for Air Compressors

December 8, 2016

In regions where snow and ice are part of the winter season, air compressors are used in various ways for leisure, work, winterizing and safety. We’ve described some popular ways to use an air compressor for DIY projects and  provided a wide range of applications that compressors are used for in an industrial setting. In… Read More

Helium Beer: Truth or Myth?

December 1, 2016

Helium Beer: Truth or Myth? The craft beer world is no stranger to bold creations. From Dogfish Head’s “Celest-jewel-ale” — the only beer infused with genuine lunar meteorite dust — to independent brewer Tom Seefurth’s Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, which is exactly what it sounds like, the industry is never short of bizarre creations, boundary-pushing… Read More

How Home Breweries and Independent Beer Companies Are Using Compressed Air

November 17, 2016

How Home Breweries and Independent Beer Companies Are Using Compressed Air There’s a lot that goes into producing a great bottle of beer. Quality ingredients are essential, as is an intimate understanding of brewing techniques. But ultimately, it is reliable machinery that turns your vision into something that is safe and satisfying to drink. Modern… Read More

Sound Reduction for Air Compressors

November 16, 2016

Air compressors drive numerous processes across the automotive, canned goods and furnishings sectors. As such, air compressors of various models and sizes work around the clock, minute by minute, hour by hour at factories, manufacturing plants and workshops across North America and around the world. With prolonged operation, compressors can become a source of noise,… Read More

Getting the Most Out of Your Compressor: A Guide for Breweries

November 10, 2016

Getting the Most out of Your Compressor: A Guide for Breweries Compressed air is a mainstay in almost any independent or craft brewery. You likely already take steps to keep your boilers, hoppers, fermentation tanks and other equipment working its best — shouldn’t you be doing the same for your air compressor? In this article,… Read More

How Do Oil-Free Air Compressors Work?

November 9, 2016

Compressed air is only as good as its purity. When your process is exposed to oil, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep air clean, increasing the costs you’ll face — especially as you use more and more air. To address this concern, many companies are turning to oil-free or oil-less air compressors. Today, oil-free compressors… Read More

Myths About Compressed Air Debunked

October 26, 2016

Compressed air is a vital source of power in modern day automation and industrial assembly. When it comes to the construction and repair of automobiles, compressed air is used in everything from building the frames to the completion of passenger compartments. In building construction, air compressors power the tools that are used in everything from… Read More

What is the difference between a single stage and two stage compressor?

September 15, 2016

Some air compressors come in two types: single and two stage. When it comes to buying a single stage or dual stage air compressor, the first question that prospective buyers often ask is “What are the differences between the two?” Single Stage vs. Two Stage Air Compressor The main difference between single and two stage… Read More

The Value of Logging and Auditing an Air Compressor System

September 8, 2016

Throughout many industries and businesses, tools and machinery are powered by compressed air. Reliable and powerful, compressed air processes are essential for keeping today’s businesses running. However, compressed air systems are often the most taxing systems for a shop’s energy consumption. Consider these statistics from the Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI): Its estimated that… Read More

What Types of Tools Can Be Powered by Air Compressors and How Do They Work?

September 1, 2016

What Types of Tools Can Be Powered by Air Compressors and How Do They Work? Some people think of air compressors as tools. In actuality, an air compressor is a device — consisting primarily of a piston and cylinder — that powers an array of tools by means of pressurized air for various applications. In… Read More