Air Compressor Warranty: What You Need To Know

Posted on: February 26, 2020

When you purchase new plant equipment, you’ll want to seek out products that a strong a warranty. Warranties are excellent insurance policies that protect your machines from unexpected component failure and help minimize your repair costs.

Air compressors are one particular category of equipment purchase in which an extended warranty can prove especially helpful. They include a vast network of parts that require regular maintenance. Failure of one part can mean downtime for your entire machine.

Quincy Compressor, an industry-leading manufacturer of air compressors, offers an excellent array of extended warranty programs that cover an extensive range of parts and service repairs in the event of unexpected component failure. Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of our warranties to determine why a Quincy Compressor would make a great choice for your organization.


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Among The Strongest Extended Warranty Programs in the Industry

Quincy Compressor offers multiple extended warranty products to pair with our air compressors. They include:

  • Royal Blue Warranty: Available on our QSI and QGV models, this warranty offers 10 years for airends, five years of coverage for variable speed drives, five years for drive motors, five years for air/fluid receivers, five years for drive coupling and five years for coolers. No extra fees are necessary to enable this warranty — all you’ll need to do is register the unit and follow the Royal Blue Policy outlined in the warranty policies guide.
  • True Blue Warranty: This warranty covers our QGS and QGD packages, offering superb coverage. A couple of different options are available. The 5-Year QGS Extended Warranty offers one year of basic compressor coverage, five years for airends, five years for coolers, five years for air fluid receivers and five years for drive motors. Owners just need to register the unit upon startup, take a sample of the fluids, and use only Genuine Quincy parts for maintenance. An authorized start-up is required for this option.
  • No Bull Extended Warranty Option: To qualify for this warranty, you’ll need to buy a compressor, an extended warranty kit to double the package warranty to two years and pump warranty to three years. After doing this, you’ll benefit from coverage for basic regular maintenance for three years, and you will ensure proper maintenance by using the kit’s contents according to the compressor owner’s manual.
  • Blue Shield Extended Warranty: This warranty will allow you to extend your current factory warranty by an extra three or five years with the use of genuine Quincy parts and fluids specially formulated for use in all compressor applications. This warranty option is available with the purchase of Quincy rotary screw compressors at least five years old with operating pressures rated at 150 PSIG and lower.
  • 10-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty: This free warranty covers heat exchangers for 10 years on all Quincy cycling, non-cycling and high temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers.
  • QSV 10-Year Extended Warranty: This free warranty covers QGD and QGDV compressors for 10 years.

Quincy Compressors — Excellent Products, Great Warranties

Quincy Compressor’s warranties are some of the best in the air compressor industry. Now Quincy Compressor’s QGD and QGDV include the 5-year True Blue Extended warranty, while the QSI and QGV models come with a  Royal Blue 10-year extended warranty.

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