Air Compressors in Electronics Manufacturing

Posted on: June 30, 2021

Electronics manufacturing is a high-precision industry that requires efficient production to keep up with demand. Integrating air compressors into the product line and components themselves improves the quality of your products. Quincy Compressor carries a range of air compressors for electronics to support efficient and contaminant-free manufacturing.

Air Compressors for Electronics

The electronics industry involves extensive production that often relies on air compressors. Compressed air is also valuable to the function of electronics themselves. Manufacturers prefer compressed air for electronic applications because it has high energy conversion efficiency while remaining low impact.

One of the most common uses of air compressors for electronics is printed circuit board (PCB) cleaning. PCBs are delicate electronic parts with high sensitivity. Manufacturers use the low impact and abrasiveness of air compressors to clear dust and other particles from these components during post-production.

Compressed air also powers pick and place machines in electronics manufacturing. Electronic manufacturers produce high volumes of intricate components in their product lines. Pick and place machines are fast and precise robotic equipment that can place small parts on various components, like PCBs. Pick and place equipment also transports components to different process lines to keep components moving through production.

With the versatility of air compressors, they have a place in many other electronic applications as well. Other possible uses include:

The Importance of Oil-Free Compressors in Electronics

Many high-performance air compressors are oil injected. While these compressors use advanced filtering techniques to remove oil, contamination is still possible. In electronic products and components, like PCBs, parts may not function correctly with oil contamination.

The primary concern with oil-injected filters is temperature control. Filters in these compressors only perform correctly at a specific temperature, and when the ambient temperature rises, the filter is at risk. During these moments of unintentional temperature fluctuation, oil carry-over increases.

Oil-free compressors eliminate the risk of contamination. They also prevent the lost time, increased maintenance and wasted materials that come with potential mistakes or product damage on the product line. This means your finished components are more reliable for consumers.

Oil-free air compressors in electronics also eliminate:

  • The time and money spent cleaning oil filters.
  • Risk of compressed air pipeline fires.
  • The cost of replacing filtration systems.
  • High energy costs associated with oil-injected compressors.

At Quincy Compressor, we’re familiar with the need for efficiency, low impact and cleanliness in electronics manufacturing. Check out our selection of oil-free air compressors and find a suitable model for your application.

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