Air Compressors for the Aerospace Industry

Manufacturers in every sector are faced with a number of competing goals. Maintaining exceptionally high quality without sacrificing productivity requires dedicated equipment that’s reliable and cost-effective. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than in the aerospace industry. With no room for failure, manufacturers of aerospace components and systems must be able to ensure consistent quality control while still keeping their costs down.

Quincy Compressor can help. Whether it’s powering air tools on the assembly line or performing the final painting and metal finishing, our products are a fixture in the aerospace and defense industries. You’ll find Quincy’s compressors for aerospace helping some of the world’s most successful contractors who design and manufacture the advanced components that are taking Americans to new heights every day.

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Our Products

Quincy Compressor manufactures both reciprocating and rotary crew compressors for the aerospace and defense industries. Rotary screw compressors are more suitable for continuous use. Reciprocating compressors, on the other hand, are suited for intermittent use.

Some of our main products for aerospace use include:

  • The QSI series of rotary screw air compressors, which features precise controls and excellent long-term reliability.
  • The QGV variable speed air compressor, an easy-to-use product that delivers exceptionally stable pressures.
  • The QR-25, our oldest and most durable piston product, based on a proprietary pressure lubricated design that has been used in various manufacturing processes since 1937.

These are only a few of the many compressors we manufacture that are suitable for aerospace use. For assistance choosing the best machine for your needs and your budget, get in touch with a Quincy representative today.

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Contamination Control in the Aerospace Industry

Contamination control is an essential concern when manufacturing precise aerospace components. Lubricated compressors represent a potential hazard when fluid mixes with exhausted air. Because of this, Quincy Compressor offers the QOF series of oil-free compressors. Ideal for aerospace applications, these compressors are approved for use in clean rooms and other electronics manufacturing facilities.

For less-demanding applications, our standard lubricated compressors are equipped with advanced filtration and air/fluid separation systems, providing additional peace of mind and reducing the risk of damage to sensitive equipment.

Built for Maximum Reliability

Contamination control is only one desirable characteristic in an aerospace compressor. To keep your business profitable, you need a machine that can be counted on to keep running reliably and efficiently. Backed by some of the best warranty coverage in the industry, Quincy aerospace compressors are engineered to deliver maximum uptime at a low cost of ownership. That means more money and time can be spent pioneering new technology that will take your business — and your clients — to the next level.