Oil Consumption in Air Compressors: Helpful Facts

Posted on: February 26, 2020

Oil plays a crucial role in many mechanical and electric devices. It powers, lubricates and cools, keeping machines running smoothly. It is a precious resource, and conserving it helps preserve the environment and lower your operating expenses.

Oil is also a very important component of your air compressor. It performs a number of critical functions, and it is crucial to check and change it on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the role lubricants play in your air compressor and consider what steps you should take to ensure your machine is using it efficiently.

Lubricant’s Role in an Air Compressor

As a machine with a vast assortment of moving mechanical parts, an air compressor requires a fluid that can cool, lubricate and seal air leaks as it carries out its work. Much like an automobile, an air compressor utilizes oil for this purpose.

However, air compressors use a different kind of lubricant than a car. It’s a specialized fluid calibrated specifically the equipment’s components. Never use a conventional motor oil in an air compressor as it lead to catastrophic failure. Seek out lubricants manufactured for air compressor use to promote optimal efficiency in operation.


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How Often Should I Change My Air Compressor’s Oil?

Air compressor oil must be changed on a regular basis to ensure optimal viscosity. Like conventional motor oil, air compressor oil degrades over time and requires vigilance to maintain.

Maintenance intervals will depend on the variety of oil compressor you own. Depending on use, reciprocating air compressor requires new oil every 180 days or so, while rotary screw compressors require new oil at the 1,000 hour mark. It’s equally important to inspect oil filter in your compressor.

Choose a Compressor That Uses Oil Efficiently

When you’re in the market for an air compressor, seek out a model that uses oil in an efficient manner. Remember you’ll have to change the oil regularly regardless of usage, and you should build that cost in to your analysis. A cheaper sticker price will save you money in the short-term, but it may end up costing you long-term when you factor in repairs and maintenance.

In addition, consider using the manufacturer’s recommended synthetic oil in your compressor during oil changes. Developed to run for longer intervals than their conventional counterparts, optimally/properly formulated synthetic oils can be an excellent choice for compressor owners who strive to keep their machines running smoothly for long periods of time.

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