How to Make the Most out of Your Production Floor Space

Posted on: February 26, 2020

When designing the layout for your organization’s storage and production facilities, you’ll want to emphasize efficiency. Finding ways to save space can help make room for new equipment and materials and can help increase safety factors for your employees.

If you find that space in your organization’s facilities is beginning to shrink but you aren’t able to add any additional room to your existing areas, Quincy Compressor can help. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can alter your floor plan to maximize efficient use.

Assessing Inventory

It is important to make sure your warehouse is operating with a balanced inventory. Problems can arise when an abundance of items fill up space, creating safety hazards and limiting room for other products. There are a couple of different situations in which this can occur: when your organization orders a mass amount of product to keep up with customer demand or when there is a surplus of items that are not moving.

Work with your warehouse staff to find out which items among your inventory can be moved to free up space. You may need to institute a limited run on a certain in-demand product to avoid warehouse space issues, or you may need to slash prices on an item that isn’t moving to stimulate demand. You never know what kind of creative breakthrough may arise from being vigilant about your warehouse stock as well — a great new ad campaign, a fresh injection of cash flow or an increase in productivity resulting from the empowerment of your warehouse staff are all positive possible byproducts.


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Assessing Space Usage

In addition to regularly checking in with your warehouse staff to assess inventory levels, take the time to conduct a survey of how space is used throughout the facility. You may find that attention to material placement has been neglected as expansion has occurred, and as a result, space is not being optimized. Work with your staff to determine which arrangements have proven ineffective and to get a feel for their ideas about new layouts.

Reach out to Other Organizations

It’s possible that other organizations in your area are experiencing warehouse space usage issues of their own. Perhaps another business has excess room in their facility and would agree to house some of your products or materials in exchange for a nominal fee or cross-promotional advertising opportunities.

Alternatively, if you find that your warehouse has some extra room you aren’t using, reach out to other companies in your vicinity to assess their storage needs — it might be the start of a great partnership.

Quincy Compressor Can Help You Save Space

Quincy Compressor has long maintained a reputation for manufacturing industry-leading air compressor products for a variety of organizations. Our machines are built with space efficiency in mind — our newly introduced QSI and QGV models take up 30% less floor space than similar units.

If you’re in the market for air compressors that are durably built and use space efficiently, contact us today.