The 6 Quietest Quincy Air Compressors

Posted on: June 18, 2021

Constant exposure to loud noises in the workplace can be unavoidable, but it can also lead to health issues in the future. Using silent air compressors can reduce occupational risk and eliminate a significant amount of noise, prioritizing you and your employees’ health.

Why Use a Quiet Air Compressor?

Using a quiet air compressor reduces the risk of hearing damage. Occupational noise is often difficult to avoid, but prolonged exposure can result in tinnitus, which causes a constant ringing in the ears. Investing in a silent air compressor can decrease the risk of potential hearing issues.

Additionally, a loud work environment can cause hypertension, which can lead to heart issues or a stroke. Long-term occupational noise can also result in behavioral issues and sleep disorders, like insomnia.

The Quietest Air Compressors

There are many types of silent air compressors to help reduce occupational hazards and ensure your employees stay healthy in the long term. Quiet air compressors maintain their value over time and ensure the safety of yourself and your team.

Q13160VQ — Single Stage

This single-stage Quincy air compressor can deliver 12.8 cfm at 90 psi and 14.6 cfm at 40 psi. Because of its RPM, this air compressor operates quietly, and its aluminum head enables it to function at low temperatures. This 60-gallon air compressor also features easy-to-read pressure gauges and ASME safety valves.

Q12126VPQ — Single Stage

This 26-gallon single-stage air compressor is portable and delivers 8.3 cfm at 40 psi and 7.4 cfm at 90 psi. It has an oil-lubricated cast iron pump that provides 10 thousand hours of pump life. This air compressor is also offered in an electric-powered version and includes a low RPM for exceptionally quiet function.

QGS Line — Rotary Screw

The QGS Quincy air compressor series features the most advanced rotary screw air compressor technology for peak performance. It contains a high-efficiency intake filter and a long life V-belt drive. The QGS line also has a low oil carryover and comes with eight thousand hours of lubricant.

QGD Line — Rotary Screw

The Quincy QGD line is featured in Quincy Compressor’s world-class rotary screw compressor lineup because of its industry-leading flow and energy at 100-125-150 psig. This line can also network up to 6 machines, making these Quincy air compressors ideal for large compressed air tasks.

Electric Air Compressor

The Quincy electric air compressors are quiet and fume-free, making them suitable for indoor use without extra ventilation. These air compressors also come in multiple portable versions that can be transported easily around a job site.

QV1.5-10 hp Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The Quincy CV series vacuum pumps range from 1.5 hp to 10 hp in a variety of compact designs. They also contain an inlet screen and air cooling. Without non-metallic vanes, these vacuum pumps have a long lifespan and can be easily transported.

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