Cosmetic Essence – Reliability Under High Temperatures

Cosmetic Essence Case Study

The Client

Cosmetic Essence, a division of Voyant beauty, is a leading cosmetics manufacturer with dozens of locations nationwide. They maintain a plant in Ridgefield, New Jersey, with a pretty unique compressor room — one that rests inside their boiler room.

The Challenge

Cosmic Essence’s boiler room is extremely hot. During the summer, the room’s thermometer fluctuates between 110 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn’t dip below that temperature range for weeks on end. Cosmetic Essence’s former compressor, a competitor, was constantly shutting down on overheat alarms. As the years went on and the heat load in the room kept rising, the machine couldn’t handle the temperatures any longer.

Cosmetic Essence is a smart buyer and always brings in multiple bidders for capital products. This time, some of these bidders were pushing for the customer to switch to a variable frequency machine to save energy costs. However, we at Quincy recognized that this technology might not be sustainable given the room’s conditions.

The Solution

When it came down to it, Quincy asked the hard-hitting questions to find out what was important to the customer. While energy savings sounded great, reliability was their ultimate concern. Cosmetic Essence wanted no downtime. Quincy suggested staying the route of a fixed-speed compressor and pointed to the QSI as the most reliable rotary compressor on the market.



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