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At Quincy Compressor, we know that supporting our customers means more than just manufacturing the best products on the market today. True support is about connecting those who use our compressors with the information they need to make smart decisions when running, maintaining and replacing their purchase. To facilitate this, we’ve compiled an extensive selection of air compressor resources on this page — keep reading to learn more.

Compressed Air Knowledge Center

Our knowledge center contains air compressor “How to” articles, white papers, case studies and more — essential resources for anyone who uses our products or compressed air in general. Visit this page to learn more about how our compressors work and how to make them work for you. Articles cover basic maintenance and installation issues, while our white papers and case studies go into greater depth and highlight some of the ways our products are helping clients like you run more efficient, effective operations.


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Converters & Calculators

This page includes tools to help with many common compressed air application calculations and conversions. Learn how to accurately work with different measures of flow, volume, temperature and pressure. One of our most important air compressor resources, our handy online calculators are especially helpful when purchasing new equipment. Be sure to download our Flow Rate app for convenient on-the-go access.


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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Here you can download Safety Data Sheets for our QuinSyn® lubricants. SDS contain important information for safe handling and storage of our products. In many workplaces, having hard copies on hand is an important safety requirement — download yours today.


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Over the years, we’ve earned a lot of favorable press for our products. Check out this page to see the latest news as well as magazine advertisement archives, radio commercials, press releases and more.


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Video Library

In the Quincy Compressor video library, watch videos to learn more about our amazing company, products and services. This comprehensive collection of air compressor resources can be streamed free of charge from any computer or mobile device. Visit the page to see our compressors in action, hear testimonials from our satisfied customers and more.


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One of our most useful air compressor resources, this page contains an extensive selection of compressed air technology terms. Confused about pressure, flow and volume? Curious to know the difference between rotary screw and reciprocating type machines? Click through to learn more.


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Quincy is proud to offer qualified clients a number of flexible financing options that make expanding their fleet of compressed air equipment easy. Visit this page to find financing information, terms and conditions. Alternately, contact a sales representative directly for assistance.


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Performance Data Sheets

Visit this page to download up-to-date technical data and information on our products.


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This page contains additional links to help with a Quincy Compressor product or service, as well as other air compressor resources. Click through to view our comprehensive library of instruction manuals and other product literature or to get connected to a distributor in your area.


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Air Compressor Systems: The Basics

If you’re new to air compressors, this is your page! Get to know the basic air compressor types and what to consider. Quincy has been an international leader in compressed air systems for more than 95 years — we know air compressors better than anyone and can help you find the right tool for your needs.


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Repair services

Our many distributors help you keep your compressor running effectively for many years. One call to an authorized representative in your area is all it takes to get factory-authorized support for any service, repair or maintenance issue. Visit this page to find a rep near you.


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