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The Client

Delta Corrugated is an extremely busy cardboard box manufacturer in Palisades Park, New Jersey. Last year, they had a ton of capital projects going on at one time and their compressor maxed out on air, without a proper backup in place.

The Challenge

Quincy was up against a competitor distributor on this job. This competitor insisted a variable speed compressor would serve as sufficient backup and also be a good trim machine for times when the plant had air demand — a viable and legitimate proposition. What that distributor didn’t factor in, however, was what was important to the customer.

Delta Corrugated had a hot and dirty compressor environment, which was not the ideal place to put a variable frequency machine. Quincy told this to the customer and also pointed out a machine they’d had previous success with, which had been running at the back corner of the plant since the early 1990s. The customer liked this idea and appreciated that the compressor we offered didn’t come in an enclosure, as he believed the machine could cool itself better in an environment with more airflow.

The Solution

However, Delta Corrugated leadership liked the energy savings a variable speed machine would bring and wanted to find a balance between energy efficiency, reliability and upfront investment costs. Following these preferences, we proposed a compressor that would save energy when not operating at full capacity, while also ensuring reliability by keeping dirt and heat out of the VFD machine.


“Using Quincy’s financing packages, a payment plan was decided on to alleviate our cost constraints. All these factors led to Quincy winning the job.” Tom McCartney, Sales Engineer


Additionally, with so many capital projects going on at once, the customer needed some financial flexibility. Using Quincy’s financing packages, we worked out a payment plan that alleviated some of the customer’s cost constraints. All these factors led to Quincy winning the job.

If you’re looking for a machine that matches many of the benefits listed above, the QGV air compressor is one of the best variable speed compressors on the market. This reliable machine can operate at partial loads during low-demand periods, with the ability to adjust the operating speed as necessary. You’ll experience fewer disruptions and outstanding performance, which all contribute to higher energy and cost savings for your business.

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Tom is a dedicated Sales Engineer out of the Quincy Northeast Region. With more than 10 years of sales experience, Tom is extremely well-versed in designing solutions that meet the exact goals and specifications of his customers. Having represented the Quincy Compressor brand for the last 3 years, Tom is accomplished in the design and engineering of compressed air systems, centralized vacuum designs, and process chilling applications.

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