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Scientific design

The Client

Scientific Design is a production facility in Little Ferry, New Jersey that manufactures catalytic materials for the chemical industry.

The Challenge

Scientific Design’s existing compressor room held a Quincy QGD-60 and a competitor’s VS-40. The machines switched back and forth between primary and backup, with the competitor’s variable speed sometimes trimming the Quincy when air demand was high.

What the previous Sales Engineer didn’t take into consideration, however, was that the compressor room was located next to an area where a manufacturing process took place, in which a fine, sand-like substance was bagged. Because of how fine this substance is, it often blew straight into the compressor room and caused issues with the drive of the variable speed compressor. The below pictures illustrate the filth that built up on the outside of the competitor’s compressor.

The Solution

To prevent buildup in the future, Quincy recommended returning to a fixed-speed machine in this area, exchanging potential energy savings for the reliability of a tougher, more durable machine. Since the competitor was occasionally trimming the QGD-60 when production was high, Quincy suggested purchasing a 75 HP compressor to run on high-production days and keeping the 60 HP as a backup.

A QSI-75 was selected to account for the hot and dirty environment. Quincy also suggested cleaning the existing dirt out of the room and bungee cording HVAC filters to the compressors to keep dirt out of the compressors. The attached pictures illustrate the improved cleanliness of the room and the filters put in place.



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