What Is a Wheelbarrow Compressor?

Posted on: June 15, 2021

Portable air compressors offer a mobile solution for delivering compressed air at different areas within a manufacturing facility, at a remote job site or wherever else it’s needed. A wheelbarrow air compressor is an example of one of the more popular portable options for generating and distributing compressed air on demand.

Definition of a Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

A wheelbarrow compressor derives its name from its resemblance to the small, hand-propelled load transporting cart. This compressor features a compact design and single wheel at the front end that allows you to roll it around a plant or site with ease. A typical wheelbarrow compressor consists of dual tanks with handles at the bottom of the unit and a robust motor well-suited for heavy-duty compressed air applications.

The tanks’ location allows you to transport the unit over rough terrain with no risk of damaging the mechanical components. The compressor’s maneuverability also offers maximum placement flexibility.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Wheelbarrow Compressor

As with any air compressor, it’s important to evaluate several factors when purchasing a wheelbarrow model for your company:


  • Power capacity: Wheelbarrow air compressor pumps are available in various horsepower options. Make sure to choose a model with enough power to handle your most demanding applications.
  • Tank capacity: Compressors come in a wide variety of tank capacities. A larger tank size reduces the likelihood of running out of air in the middle of a job. It’s also more efficient when operating high-demand tools or during continuous-use applications. The dual-tank design found in most wheelbarrow models can often provide a sufficient supply of compressed air for many jobs.
  • Maximum pressure: Pounds per square inch (PSI) indicates the amount of force an air compressor can deliver. Your wheelbarrow compressor should have a maximum PSI level that exceeds the demand of your pneumatic tools that require the highest air volume.
  • Airflow delivery capacity: Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is a measurement of the airflow within the compressor. Your wheelbarrow model should be able to produce enough CFM capacity relative to the PSI requirements of the tools you need to power.
  • Oil vs. oil-free: Many users opt for oil-free models when choosing portable compressors. The absence of lubricant makes the unit lighter and easier to transport. On the other hand, oil compressors are more durable and work better for heavy-duty applications requiring higher CFM and PSI.
  • Duty cycle: A compressor’s duty cycle refers to the percentage of time that the motor operates vs. being idle. A 60% cycle time is standard for most air compressor models. If you run the unit at a higher level than its maximum duty cycle, the excess heat will likely cause it to wear out faster.


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