Energy Exploration

air compressors for energyMeeting the high demands of the energy industry requires equipment that is built to work tough, day in and day out. Onshore or off, Quincy products are delivering the reliable operation and efficient performance oil, gas, and other energy companies demand. We specialize in air compressors for drilling rigs, pipeline operations, petroleum refineries, and more. Read on to learn more about how our products address the specific working challenges associated with these environments, and why a Quincy compressor is the right choice for your operation.

The Challenge

The harsh conditions and diverse environments faced by energy exploration operators put an incredible strain on equipment and leave little room for error. Drilling rigs and stationary platforms in open waters can’t afford unreliable air or gas compressors. When salt and humidity begin to compromise the performance of an air compressor on a drilling rig, help is miles away and productivity can quickly come to a halt.

Likewise, in remote onshore locations, getting repairs, ordering spare parts, or bringing in backup equipment can be both time-consuming and prohibitively expensive. Any energy company concerned about their bottom line can’t take a risk on a compressor that won’t deliver in extreme cold or humidity. That’s why it’s important to have equipment designed for harsh conditions, with exceptional quality-control processes.

The Solution

Any compressor for energy company use must be capable of delivering reliable, consistent performance, no matter what your crew throws at it. Designed for all energy-industry applications, including drilling rigs, Quincy air compressors can be relied on for:

  • Dependability: Through quality engineering and rigorous manufacturing processes, Quincy Compressor makes certain its equipment is reliable whether it is being used to power tools, start engines and motors or assist in conveying drilling mud.
  • Low cost of ownership: Repair and maintenance costs on Quincy equipment are among the lowest in the industry. In fact, Quincy’s QSI rotary screw airend is considered one of the lowest cost of ownership airends in the industry, with standard 5- and 10-year warranty programs on select models.

Potential Applications

Quincy offshore and marine air compressors have a number of potential applications for any business engaged in energy exploration and seabed surveying. They are frequently used to drive air guns or to compensate for motion caused by turbulent seas. Visit individual product pages to learn more about potential uses and specifications.

Quality Products Backed by an Industry-leading Warranty

One of the reasons why Quincy has been a leading air compressor supplier for marine and offshore applications is because we stand behind every one of our products. Quincy compressors are backed by one of the best warranties in the business. Standard coverage varies from product-to-product, though many of our compressors qualify for extended warranty programs good for up to 10 years on certain components.

When the success of your operation rests on the reliable performance of a Quincy compressor, that’s a commitment to quality you can trust in any environment.

Recommended Products

For more information about any compressor in the Quincy line, contact a sales representative directly. The following products are among our most popular, featuring the toughness and low operating costs that energy exploration crews require to drive success in the industry:

Energy Exploration Case Study- Quincy’s Rugged Reliability Meets the Challenge of Demanding Offshore Drilling Applications

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