Words from the Team

Words from the Team

“I like the challenge to make things work.”

– Randy Boyington, R&D Technician

“I like to work here because I enjoy the family atmosphere among employees and the support we get in our careers and personal development.”

– Liz Newman, Customer Care Supervisor

“I am proud to be a part of a company that is known for its prestige and is always striving for excellence. I enjoy working at Quincy because I feel my talents are valued and used to make an impact. I like knowing that I have a role in pursuing opportunities and accomplishing objectives that make a difference to the company’s future success.”

– Elizabeth Byrd, Parts and Pricing Manager, Aftermarket

“Quincy and its management teams truly care about personal growth and professional development. They provide diverse advancement opportunities and strive to nurture your career through comprehensive training and challenging opportunities.”

– Jon Davis, Customer Care Manager