A Star Is Born: The New QPVS Refrigerant Dryer From Quincy

Posted on: July 16, 2020

Dryers are an important component of compressed air networks. They are responsible for removing moisture from compressed air, which protects downstream equipment and end products from contamination. Reducing the need for maintenance and prolonging the service life of pneumatic tools lowers operating expenses over time.

The problem is that conventional fixed-speed refrigerant dryers only operate at one speed – full power – and thereby waste precious energy when a reduced output would suffice.

The Quincy QPVS variable speed drive refrigerant dryer has no such downsides. It delivers unbeatable energy savings and production quality and reliability in a compact,  environmentally friendly unit.

Cream of the Crop

The QPVS features variable speed drive (VSD) technology. That means its compressor motor only consumes as much energy as is your air demand requires at any time. The result: Energy savings of up to 60%. This not only lowers operating costs significantly but also reduces your carbon footprint.

And, because electric costs constitute such a big part of the total cost of ownership of refrigerant dryers, the new QPVS often pays for itself in less than two years.

Top Production Quality and Reliability

But the new dryer not only cuts operating costs, it also increases production quality and reliability by delivering a consistent supply of high-quality air.

Therefore, it eliminates the biggest downside of thermal mass dryers, which were introduced to make dryers more efficient. In addition to delivering more modest energy savings compared to the VSD dryers, their operating principle also precludes them from delivering high-quality air at all times.

These thermal mass dryers only run at full speed periodically. When they do, they cool a thermal mass, which helps dry the compressed air when the dryer shuts off. However, when this mass slowly warms again, the dew point increases and the air quality suffers.

The QPVS, on the other hand, does not have this problem. While the air supplied by a thermal mass dryer may fluctuate by up to two purity classes, the new VSD dryer from Quincy consistently delivers Class 4 purity air – even in ambient conditions of up to 46°C in which thermal mass dryers are ineffective. And, because the QPVS always runs at a minimum of 20%, its low dew point, and as a result high-quality air, is available as soon as it starts up.

A Low Carbon Footprint

The benefits of the new variable speed drive compressed air dryer from Quincy extend well beyond the bottom line of the companies that invest in it. The QPVS also contributes to a greener world with its low carbon footprint. Its unprecedented energy efficiency results in a TEWI-score (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) that is much lower than that of its competitors.

Finally, all of these features come in a compact package that takes up less space than conventional dryers.

So what do you get when you add up these benefits? An innovative leap forward in dryer technology from the compressed air specialists at Quincy.

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