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At Quincy Compressor, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to achieve unmatched efficiency and performance. In this case study, we explore our successful collaboration with Bunge Oil, a renowned provider of specialty oils, milled grains and other ingredients to some of the world’s largest brands. With its extensive range of products, Bunge Oil plays a pivotal role in creating consumer and restaurant brands across the globe.

Recognizing Bunge Oil’s vital role in the food industry, we were eager to support their operations by addressing their unique challenges and optimizing their productivity.

Explore how Quincy Compressor helped revolutionize efficiency and performance for Bunge Oil, empowering them to continue providing high-quality ingredients and expertise to renowned consumer and restaurant brands worldwide.

The Challenge

With a rich history dating back to 1818, Bunge Oil has established itself as a leading producer of specialty oils. As a loyal customer of Quincy, Bunge Oil has relied on Quincy’s dependable QSI-235 compressor since 1983. The compressor has faithfully operated since then, supporting Bunge Oil’s critical operations.


However, Bunge Oil’s maintenance manager recently recognized the need for a new compressor. The existing unit started experiencing minor issues, causing concern for reliable operations. Moreover, relying on an equally aged backup unit during the primary unit’s downtime raised further apprehensions. Despite these valid concerns, the maintenance manager faced challenges in justifying the request for a new compressor to the corporate decision-makers.

Understanding the predicament Bunge Oil faced, Quincy proposed a solution: an EQ LTE audit. This audit had two primary objectives. First, it aimed to gain a comprehensive understanding of Bunge Oil’s plant operations, providing valuable insights into their energy consumption and efficiency. Second, the audit aimed to determine whether a compelling case could be made for investing in an energy-efficient solution, addressing the maintenance manager’s concerns and demonstrating the potential benefits of new equipment to the corporate decision-makers.

With this information, Quincy intended to build a solid business case to address the immediate need for a new compressor and highlight the long-term advantages of implementing an energy-efficient solution tailored to Bunge Oil’s specific requirements.

By highlighting the energy savings, improved reliability and enhanced operational efficiency that could be achieved with a modern compressor system, Quincy aspired to assist Bunge Oil in their pursuit of optimal performance and long-term sustainability.


“Quincy attached our EQ LTE data logger to Bunge Oil’s existing system and gathered information for one week. The data collected during the study was meticulously entered into Quincy’s specialized calculator, which our experts used to construct a compelling case tailored to Bunge Oil’s specific needs.” – Tom McCartney, Quincy Sales Engineer


Action Plan

Quincy attached our EQ LTE data logger to Bunge Oil’s existing system and gathered information for one week. This information facilitated an in-depth analysis of the plant’s data and energy consumption. This comprehensive study provided valuable insights into the intricacies of Bunge Oil’s operations, enabling Quincy to gather precise information for further evaluation.

The data collected during the study was meticulously entered into Quincy’s specialized calculator, which our experts used to construct a compelling case tailored to Bunge Oil’s specific needs. Through rigorous analysis and calculations, Quincy’s team determined Bunge Oil could realize significant cost savings by transitioning to a QGV-50 compressor.

By installing the energy-efficient QGV-50 compressor, Bunge Oil stood to achieve annual savings of over $8,000. These significant savings were primarily attributed to the enhanced energy efficiency and advanced features of the QGV-50, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption.

Considering the cost of acquiring the new QGV-50 compressor, priced at $34,000, Quincy Compressor conducted a thorough return on investment (ROI) analysis for Bunge Oil. The calculations demonstrated that the investment in the QGV-50 would yield a positive ROI in slightly over four years.

Bunge Oil would recoup the initial investment in a relatively short time frame and enjoy substantial long-term financial benefits due to the improved energy efficiency and operational cost reductions offered by the QGV-50 compressor.

With these compelling findings, Bunge Oil could enhance its efficiency, reduce energy consumption and ultimately bolster its bottom line.

The Results

As a result of this study, Quincy Compressor effectively built a strong case for implementing various improvements at the plant.

Firstly, our team discovered that Bunge Oil’s plant had several large receiver tanks that were over 40 years old and no longer aligned with corporate safety guidelines. Quincy suggested replacing these tanks to ensure compliance with safety standards and maintain a secure working environment.

The audit also revealed that the plant was using desiccant dryers set at a dew point lower than necessary for their operations. Recognizing this inefficiency, we recommended transitioning to refrigerated dryers. By doing so, the plant stood to benefit from an additional 15% energy savings while still meeting the required dew point.

Additionally, Quincy presented a compelling argument for investing in a new nitrogen generator. This strategic decision ensured that all equipment within the plant would be on the same replacement life cycle, optimizing efficiency and reducing the risk of unexpected failures.

By actively identifying and proposing these improvements, Quincy provided Bunge Oil with a comprehensive solution to enhance their operations.

Quincy Compressor’s Impact on Bunge Oil

Quincy Compressor’s partnership with Bunge Oil has exemplified our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable, efficient and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our valued customers. By conducting a comprehensive EQ LTE audit and proposing strategic improvements, we successfully revolutionized efficiency and performance within Bunge Oil’s operations.

We engineer our air compressor systems to withstand challenging applications and build them to withstand decades of heavy use. With durability and rugged efficiency at the core of our lineup, we provide a comprehensive range of air compressors, controls, accessories and air treatment options.

We invite you to experience the Quincy difference and discover how our solutions can transform your operations. Whether you require a reliable compressor system for your specific needs or seek to optimize efficiency and reduce costs, our team of experts is ready to assist you.

Take the first step towards transforming your operations. Request a consultation with our experts at Quincy Compressor to explore customized solutions that align with your unique needs and goals. Let us help you achieve unparalleled performance and reliability.


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