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The Client

General Pencil has been a lead pencil manufacturer since the 1880s. Sitting in the heart of a residential area of Jersey City, the building’s history is clear from the feel and smell the second you walk in. The company is steeped in tradition, as over 140 years of pencil making have taken place at that location. Quincy Compressor is a part of that deep tradition.

The Challenge

General Pencil purchased their original QR series compressor in 1962. They then bought a backup unit in 1972. These two 15-HP units pumped alongside one another, switching back and forth between primary and backup, for the next half of a century.

In 2019, their original unit, now 57 years old, couldn’t keep up anymore and needed some pump repairs. Considering the unit’s age and the rust and corrosion likely taking place inside the receiver tank, Quincy recommended replacing the entire compressor for safety measures.

The Solution

Customers who purchase QR series compressors pay for extreme quality. Today’s standard across most industry-leading compressor brands involves splash-lubricated, aluminum head reciprocating compressor brands. Quincy makes a phenomenal version of that style — the QT series — that comes with a 50,000 hour expected pump life rating and is more cost-effective than the QR series.

However, the QR series remains the reciprocating market’s toughest compressor, with a cast iron head and pressure lubrication. General Pencil valued the QR series’ reputation. They wanted to invest in the same machine that had already brought them 57 years of outstanding performance. The proven performance the two QR units had previously shown in this plant made the QR this customer’s top choice.




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Tom McCartney

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Tom is a dedicated Sales Engineer out of the Quincy Northeast Region. With more than 10 years of sales experience, Tom is extremely well-versed in designing solutions that meet the exact goals and specifications of his customers. Having represented the Quincy Compressor brand for the last 3 years, Tom is accomplished in the design and engineering of compressed air systems, centralized vacuum designs, and process chilling applications.

About Quincy Compressor

Quincy Compressor specializes in compressed air technology, offering top-notch products and services since 1920. Serving the industry for over 100 years, Quincy is on the cutting edge, engineering quality and reliability into every offering. Award-winning accomplishments have allowed Quincy to build solid relationships with its customers and achieve compressed air systems best practices. Quincy’s flagship products include the QSI and QGV rotary screw compressors, the reciprocating QR-25, QT and Climate Control packages along with its innovative Royal Blue Warranty, widely recognized as among the industry’s strongest warranty program.

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