Selecting an Air Compressor..

Posted on: May 28, 2014

  1. Determine the type of compressor needed based on your PSI needs
  2. Determine air consumption: List all equipment and tool requirements, both continuous and intermittent air
  3. Add together the cfm requirements of all the equipment/tools you plan to run at the same time. Increase this number by 20% to allow for additional tools, future growth and eventual air leaks. Determine the maximum pressure (PSIG) needed to run the equipment. Simply use the value of the equipment that requires the greatest amount of pressure. If above total = less than 100 CFM divide this total by four to find HP. If total is over 100 CFM divide by five.
    1. Example: System requires 310 CFM at 100 PSIG
      310/5 = 62 HP
    2. 60 HP or 75 HP Compressor is needed


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