8 Uses for Compressors Around the Holidays

Posted on: October 20, 2020

The holidays are a time for family gatherings, gift-giving and seasonal fun. An air compressor can be an essential tool to help you perform holiday-related tasks. Here are eight uses for air compressors around the holidays:

1. Cleaning

When family and friends visit during the holidays, you want your home to look spic and span. An air compressor will help you clean out those hard-to-reach cracks and crevices with direct air pressure.

2. Decorating

Are you throwing a holiday party? Use an air compressor to blow up balloons and other inflatable holiday items to decorate your home or event venue.

3. Creating Snowfall

If you want to create a winter wonderland on-demand, use an air compressor to make snowfall. Mixing compressed air with water will rapidly cool the water, which turns it into snow.

4. Winterizing Pipes

There is nothing worse than a pipe bursting during your holiday celebration. To avoid the damage that freezing temperatures can do to your pipes, use an air compressor to quickly and efficiently clear out any water that may be lingering in pipes that have been closed off for the season.

5. Inflating Tires

With people to visit, shopping to do and events to attend, you may have lots of traveling to do during the holidays. Cold weather can cause your car tires to deflate, so having an air compressor at your disposal will help ensure you can get where you need to go during this busy time of year. An air compressor is also an ideal solution if you are giving a holiday gift with tires that need to be inflated, such as a bike.

6. Crafting

If you like making gifts and decorations, an air compressor is a great tool to have on hand. Use it to power your spray gun so you can spray-paint furniture pieces, figurines and other items or to power a nail gun or pneumatic stapler to assemble your creations. As with any DIY project, make sure you have a reliable power source and proper safety equipment when you use an air compressor for crafting.

7. Drying

When people come in and out of your home with snow-covered footwear and clothing, at least a few puddles of water will inevitably be left behind. Forget the paper towels and rags and use your air compressor to more easily dry wet areas.

8. Removing Snow

An air compressor can also be used to remove minor snow accumulation from your home to make conditions safer for your family and visitors. A smaller unit is perfect for moving a snow dusting from your driveway or walkways, while a larger unit may be suitable for blowing light snow accumulation off your roof.

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