Best Practices

In order to stay competitive in the global market, you need partners that offer proven “Best Practice” solutions. Quincy’s “Best Practice” standards for compressed air delivery let you compare your facility to the most efficient systems in similar industries.

Best Practice Standards

Industry Standards Compressor kWh per Industry Metrics
Aluminum Can Manufacturing 258 kWh per hundred thousand cans
Foam/Plastic Cup Manufacturing 290 kWh per thousand cups
Pulp & Paper Mill with Wood Yard 115 kWh per ton of paper
Corrugated Box Plant 640 kWh per million sq. ft.
Rubber Products Manufacturing 1088 kWh per 1000 tires

See how much energy savings you could expect.
 Application of the Quincy Efficiency Quotient (EQ) allows us to quickly and accurately define the potential energy savings in your plant.The generation of compressed air accounts for 10% of the total U.S. industrial energy usage. And it’s the cost of this energy that directly impacts your bottom line.

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Cost Saving Opportunity

EQ Rating 50 hp System 100 hp System 500 hp System
85% $4,973 $9,944 $49,722
75% $7,458 $14,917 $74,584
65% $11,187 $22,375 $111,875

Note: Calculated @$0.07/kWh
Quincy is your “Best Practice” for energy savings. Get REAL bottom-line results!

 Download the EQ Brochure and FREE Self-Analysis Worksheet from our Literature Library Contact Quincy Compressor to start saving today.