Auditing Case Studies

The case studies below help better illustrate how Quincy Compressor’s auditing tools can help obtain optimum results from any compressed air and vacuum systems.

Auditing Case Study 1

A U.S. based cabinet manufacturing plant was looking for an opportunity to reduce air system operating costs and improve system reliability. The air system pressure was elevated to support widely varying production demand – it also increased operating costs, forced a second compressor to operate, and caused the system pressure to fluctuate. The compressed air supply system was composed of two rotary screw air compressors, a 75-horsepower fixed speed and a 150-horsepower variable speed…


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Auditing Case Study 2

In the pharmaceutical industry, Compressed air is required in many applications for example, for the operation of equipment, for use in vacuum cleaning systems, spray systems, and breathing air, and as instrumental quality air in hazardous areas. Vacuum is a critical part of patient care and in some instances, a potentially life-saving procedure. Vacuum systems like the compressed medical gas systems need regular care. There are many opportunities to reduce energy consumption in vacuum systems, which can lead to extremely short payback periods for some options…


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