Auditing Case Study 2



EQ+ Case Study 2: Medical Facility Reduces Operating Costs More than 50% by Switching to a Variable Speed Vacuum Pump

In the pharmaceutical industry, Compressed air is required in many applications for example, for the operation of equipment, for use in vacuum cleaning systems, spray systems, and breathing air, and as instrumental quality air in hazardous areas. Vacuum is a critical part of patient care and in some instances, a potentially life-saving procedure. Vacuum systems like the compressed medical gas systems need regular care. There are many opportunities to reduce energy consumption in vacuum systems, which can lead to extremely short payback periods for some options.

A Medical center believed its vacuum system operating costs could be reduced. While the vacuum system pressure was elevated to prevent production shutdowns, it was also increasing operating costs and causing the system pressure to fluctuate. The vacuum system was composed of 4 older 15-horsepower belt driven vacuum pumps. However, only two of the four pumps were analyzed since the pumps were completely for backup and never came on.

Quincy EQ+ Analysis

The Quincy EQ Analysis: Based on the EQ Rating, the EQ Analyzer Was Installed to Record System Performance

A local EQ trained distributor installed the EQ+ data loggers at the plant and collected critical system information.

  • Data collected by the EQ+ data loggers and the site information was then uploaded to the EQ+ software.
  • Patient-pending technology calculated existing performance of the system and modeled multiple system configurations to determine the optimal system solution.
  • The results of the EQ+ analysis indicated a QSV variable speed vacuum pump could support the wide variations in air demand and reduce operating costs.

Quincy EQ+ Analysis Proposal

The EQ+ Analysis Report: The Action Plan Calculated an Attractive ROI

  • A Quincy QSV Variable Speed Vacuum pump was installed to provide accurate control of system pressure.
  • Remote Pressure Signal Connection overcomes the pressure drop created by system demand and stabilizes header pressure.

Quincy Solution:

To Dramatically reduce energy consumption, we offer 2 QSV pumps…

Name Tech/Type Displ (CFM) Derating Power (HP) Initial load
QSV QSV345 STD 330 93% 10 40%
QSV (1) QSV345 STD 330 93% 10 40%


The Results: Operating Costs Reduced by More than 45% ($11,000/yr) and Production Shutdowns Were Completely Eliminated

  • The plant header pressure is now stable with the system upgrades.
  • The broad turn-down range of the Quincy QSV Vacuum pump eliminates the need to operate any part-loaded, inefficient vacuum pumps.
  • The original system was replaced and the software accurately predicted more than 50% operating costs savings and an attractive ROI.

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